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Wistfully waiting…and why I’m so excited about a new project

Catch up with me re: my Instagram videos…and yes, I’m waiting to receive a signed contract from a fabulous publisher. I’ll be checking back very soon with the news when I can share…

Why am I so excited?

This is an amazing opportunity to see my Women’s Fiction novel about family, love and loss, and going home again…

So, till I can share:


Catching up on My Instagram Videos with a Teddy Bear, Pretzels, and Shakespeare

My latest Instagram videos:

There’s nothing more heartwarming than hearing the voice of someone special in your life…ask Teddy here and he’ll tell you Talk don’t Text on #

I’ve got a special place in my heart for #
pretzels on #
the nuns at school used to let us buy a pretzel at recess!! #

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Love #talklikeshakespeareday

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You gotta love #
and our modern Juliet and her pink phone. Where is Romeo anyway?

Catching up with my Vision Board 2019 and Making Dreams Come True

I’m honored that Joyce Schwarz invited me to part of her Vision Board book. Check out my Instagram video for more info and here’s a preview of her book:

and ————

Here’s my Instagram video for Make Your Dream Come True Day — check out the fun pix I added to the graphic. Love the one with me and the crystal ball.

Poetry at Work Day and the Frog who makes dreams come true

Poetry at Work Day:

The art of writing fairy tales is a joy I claim.

But frog or toad, what’s in a name?

’Tis a prince I seek at the end of my tale

And that happily ever after, but to no avail

Ah, but yes have I the power of the pen So with my snappy keystrokes

Poof! I say. He’s here. Amen!

Who’s that cute little frog sitting on my typewriter? Could he be a prince?

(check out the prince in my next video below)

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Here is the prince from my #poetryatworkday video

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Halloween Witch Shoe and Pumpkin Video . . . and me on a candy run

Since I “previewed” too much of the Halloween candy over the weekend, I had to fill up the candy coffers!

Here’s a fun video I did at my local grocery store.

Now where did I put those chocolate peanut butter cups . . .

Coming up: My Speed Date with a Vampire promo.

Confessions of a Video Belle: #CivilWar Time Travel Romance “Love Me Forever”

Instagram tempted me…but YouTube seduced me.


I gave in. Made a couple of videos today for LOVE ME FOREVER.

Two videos:


I loved Ken Burns’ Civil War tonight remastered in high definition on PBS.

Tomorrow ANTIETAM where my book begins… Be sure to tune in and get the scoop on the bloodiest day of the war.



She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is now available from Kindle Press at Love_Me_Forever_500x798

Sister against Sister crazy GIF for Love Me Forever: my #CivilWar time travel romance with music

Temptation hit me again today…

Ken Burns has inspired the amateur filmmaker in me. His beautiful rendering of the Civil War set me to wandering around the web looking for RF music to add to my graphics.

I found a beautiful piece from Shockwave-Sound (Mystic Plains credit on my sidebar) and I did a GIF tonight with a fave graphic. So without further ado. . .


AND if you want to hear the beautiful music with my voiceover, go to my Instagram page.

BONUS: I redid my crazy GIF from yesterday “She wore gray…” and here it is on Instagram with music.

I’ll be putting together a trailer for LOVE ME FOREVER, but for this week, I’m going to put up new GIFs each day with my voiceover and music from Instragram, so check back . . .and yes, the camera shakes and I didn’t get all of my book cover into the second vid, not to mention that it’s tough trying to cue in the music with one hand and shoot with the other–I ain’t perfect by any means, but my heart’s in it. I love this book and these characters  . . . they’re family to me.

I’m so looking forward to Ken Burns’ Civil War remastered — it will be shown in high definition on PBS beginning September 7-11, 2015. Be sure to tune in . . .




She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is now available from Kindle Press at


5 reasons Sex is better when you Time Travel


Think about it.

  1.  If you time travel back to the past before your first time, you won’t run into old boyfriends.
  2.  Time travel makes you lose weight. Honest. You always lose a few pounds going through that space-time continuum.
  3.  Sex was more romantic in the past…no cell phones, faxes, texting.
  4.  If you and your partner don’t hit it off in bed, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing pictures showing up on Instagram.
  5.  If you did like his performance in bed, you can go back and do it all over again…


If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner below.



She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is a Kindle Scout winner and is now available from Kindle Press at!  

My Sexy Saturday 19 Naked Sushi: Video Excerpt 2

I’ve got DOUBLE the sexy snippet fun for Week 19!! Two videos!

MY SEXY SATURDAY: Check out the sexy snippets from fabulous authors HERE!! 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs.

Week 19 of this super blogging group. Pumpkins are in the stores, even snow on the ground in some parts of the U.S.…but it’s getting hotter here each week. We’ve got a great bunch of authors with amazing Sexy Snippets!! Be sure to check out the fab authors and their sexy snippets HERE.

I posted a sexy snippet from Naked Sushi Chapter One where my heroine, Pepper O’Malley, is undercover as a naked sushi model spying on her ex-boss when she sees the sexy thief (she doesn’t know he’s an FBI agent) who got her fired cozying up to him.

Two short videos from VINE and INSTAGRAM — the Vine video loops over and over so you can take your time reading the snippet. Instagram is longer at 16 seconds, but it doesn’t loop.

PS — the silky border that I used as a frame around my videos is a remnant from ornate kimono designed by a kimono maker I met when I was taking kimono lessons from a Japanese sensei

Coming in October 2013 from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin:

NAKED SUSHI is available for pre-order on Amazon!


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He’s So Sexy
Dream Valley Music
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