About Jina Bacarr

I’m a working girl. And a writer.

I’ve had interesting jobs, boring jobs, jobs that took me to faraway places and crazy jobs.

For example I’ve worked as—

Tour guide at Universal Studios and gave the tour in German.

Trophy girl at a race track.

Member of a Hawaiian/Tahitian dance group.

Broadcaster on late night radio and did voiceovers for commercials.

Columnist for a computer magazine and a travel publication.

Screenwriter for kids’ and daytime TV.

Perfume model and modeled for a designer.

Guest reporter on local news and national cable shows.

But I’ve always written…and I love design. I enjoy combining the two with my graphic designs (my photo stock comes from www.Dreamstime.com)

and creating posts that showcase my stories and view of life.

And yes, I also love coffee…here’s a poem I wrote about the power of java:

coffee_pillow (2014_09_30 01_18_05 UTC)

Coffee Pillow Talk

Java is a girl’s best friend

When you don’t want that special night to end


“Stick around for a cup of Joe,” you say

After a night in bed that blew you away


Then watch his eyes glow with desire

When you put on the coffee and light his fire


Wearing a sexy black teddy, tight and see-through

You ask, “Eggs or cinnamon buns with your brew?”


“I’ll have the buns,” he says, eyeing yours with a smile

You shiver with glee. The coffee can wait for awhile


It’s back to bed with your man for round two

And to coffee you say, a big “Thank you!”




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