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A Naughty Christmas Carol” How I turned Scrooge into a Sexy Alpha Male #ChristmasEve

I’ve always loved the Dickens’ classic about Scrooge and his scratchy quill pen.

But what if Scrooge worked on Wall Street and used a smart phone instead?

Sounds good, I thought, and set my fingers to tapping on my keyboard. I knew the story by heart, even the dialogue with Scrooge complaining about giving his clerk the day off on Christmas and sending the poor to workhouses.

But we live in a techie world with faxes, GPS, and Twitter. I had to update the story. And don’t forget, I wanted my Scrooge to be a sexy hunk. So I let my imagination run wild.

Here, let me show you:

Imagine you’re rushing around doing last minute Christmas shopping and you run smack into the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen. He looks you over like he wants to strip off your clothes and bend you over his knee and spank you. Tall, broad shoulders, muscular chest filling out a well-cut $5,000 suit. Silky pin-striped tie, platinum cuff links. His deep blue eyes casting bold glances your way that your mama would never approve of. But you do.

Oh, my.

“Do you work around here?” you ask casually, loving the way he smells when he leans over to see if you’re okay. You nearly faint when you get a whiff of his aristocratic masculine scent. Sweet tobacco, musk. Cinnamon? Who cares? He smells divine.

“I work on Wall street,” he says, smiling.

A banker, nice.

It’s hard to get a taxi this time of day, he says, so he’ll send you home in his limo.

You can’t believe your luck. Is he one of those sexy billionaires you’ve been reading about?

You bet. You’re hooked. A Christmas present in your silk stocking and it’s only Christmas Eve.

He gives you his business card and invites you to have holiday brunch with him in his penthouse.

You’re beside yourself with glee as you rub your thighs together, lovely contractions making you hum a jingly tune.

Then you read his card:
Ebenezer Scrooge.

No, no, no

I hit the Delete button.

It ain’t gonna work.

No matter how handsome, how sexy, how rich, who’s going to fall in love with a guy named Ebenezer? Dickens’ curmudgeon with his ill-fitting suit and stovepipe hat isn’t exactly cover model material. No way would you want him swinging his cane over your butt.

Therein lies the rub: How was I going to make my Scrooge sexy?

And stay true to the Dickens’ classic?

A timeless story of the hero seeing the error of his ways.

That’s what we love about the story, watching him change. I wanted to take that idea a step further and write about an alpha male gone wrong who finds his way home through the love of a beautiful woman.

First, Scrooge needed a new name.

Nick Radnor.

“Nick had a cast iron stomach and tight abs. He was tall, handsome and could wheel and deal with the best of them. Talk on his cell to his bankers with one hand and find his way under the elastic band on his secretary’s black silk panties with the other.”

I had to make the other characters sexy as well. What if his faithful clerk, Mr. Cratchit, was a gorgeous blonde secretary named Jinger?

“Standing in the doorway, the six-foot tall blonde wore red high heels, a black garter belt and black stockings with a red-and-white striped candy cane strapped to her thigh. She wore nothing else but a leather collar around her neck studded with rhinestones and jingle bells.”

I decided my modern Scrooge would also have a beautiful fiancée named Monique:ANaughtyChristmasCarol500_333

“Monique Ashford had the face of an angel and the figure of a model. Came from an old Newport family…Her pink babydoll top barely concealed her full breasts and her tight white panties pinched the crack of her ass…”

Nick frequents Mamie’s, a gentleman’s club in the financial district. Since I write erotic romance, I made it a BDSM club:

“She [Mamie] first strapped on her plastic stilettos and diamond choker back in the Reagan years when she opened up shop in the Silk Stocking district in a swank six-room apartment once owned by a famous madam during the Depression. Business was good and her “private parties” soon began to draw customers from Wall Street…She schooled her girls in the art of the tease as well as how to walk, talk and bend over with grace.”

Marley the Ghost became Nick’s business partner, Charlie Harris, who died in the arms of a beautiful woman at Mamie’s.

A jovial but debauched son of a gun who played the game hard and liked his women rough.”

And we can’t forget the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future: three sexy female spirits with great bods and killer wardrobes. Not to mention magical powers.

Once I had my cast of characters (yes, I have a Tiny Tim character, too), now what?

I wanted to stay true to the Dickens’ classic, so I opened the story on Christmas Eve in Nick’s office. It’s late and Nick is working overtime when Jinger reminds him it’s time for holiday sex. No romance, just sex. And no promotion for Jinger either, Nick says. Not this year.

Nick sounds like a heartless one-percenter, doesn’t he? Just like Scrooge. I had to find out why Nick is so cold-hearted. It goes back to Christmas Eve when he was a kid and his corporate raider father gave him coal in his stocking every year. That’s why Nick hates Christmas.

Now we’re getting somewhere. We also meet Nick as a young man and discover that he wasn’t always a greedy businessman.

He’s cold and heartless now and he’s about to find out where that path is taking him when he convinces Mamie to open up her club for him late on Christmas Eve.

The old gal adores Nick, and not just his generous tips. Mamie sees something in him that no one else does: he’s a lost little boy. She also knows that Nick is still grieving over the sudden death of his business partner last Christmas Eve, Charlie.

When Charlie’s ghost shows up after a night of wild drinking and whipping, we’re off and running. The three ghosts make their appearance just like in the classic story. Three sexy babes who take Nick on a whirlwind tour of his past, present, and future with each episode tied to his beautiful fiancée, Monique.

Monique is the anchor in my story. She never stops believing in her man, no matter what. It is through her eyes that we fall in love with Nick, all the while hoping that he wakes up before it’s too late and he loses everything.

Including her.

“A Naughty Christmas Carol” was a blast for me to write. And yes, it has a happy ending. It’s an erotic and sexy 50 Shades of Grey Scrooge with three sexy female ghosts trying to save the soul of a Wall Street trader on this naughty Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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New Year’s with my favorite billionaire on My Sexy Saturday #74



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We’re all about New Year’s Resolutions this week on My Sexy Saturday–and the fun stuff you never saw coming when you made them…


Poor Kacie Bennett in my sexy contemp COME FLY WITH ME.      Come_Fly_Me_Cover_Final_300x401 (2014_11_22 08_27_37 UTC)

Kacie’s desperate to get home and all the flights are booked…then she gets stopped at security because the TSA agent thinks the lipstick vibrator is hers…that’s the least of her problems when she accepts a first class ticket from Jace Chantiers, a sexy billionaire the British tabloid, The Daily Sneek, calls “the sexiest man alive.”


If Kacie wants to get home to save her sister from marrying the wrong man, she has no choice but to spend the 11-hour flight sitting next to this gorgeous hunk.

It’s New Year’s Eve…


So here we go with 7 sexy paragraphs about what happens when a bad boy billionaire hooks up with a lonely good girl at 30,000 feet in the air…


Excerpt from COME FLY WITH ME

“Ever heard of the mile high club?” he asked.

“Yes,” she admitted without thinking. What was in that beer?

“Nothing can compete with an orgasm at thirty thousand feet,” he said in a casual manner, lifting her chin. “You should try it sometime.”

She took a deep breath. “Should I?” Is it that obvious I haven’t had sex for so long my libido runs in silent mode?

“It’s like caviar,” he quipped. “Light and airy like a mermaid’s breath, the clean scent of the ocean filling your mouth. You’ll wonder what took you so long.”

“Are you suggesting I add caviar to the menu at The 3 Bees?”* She was curious how far he’d go with his game.

“Only if you try it yourself first,” he dared her with a smile so warm and engaging she melted like caramel over slow heat. “What do you say? It’s up to you.”


*Note: The 3 Bees is what the locals call Kacie’s family business: Bennett’s Bed & Breakfast.


Does Kacie get her mile high club card on this sexy New Year’s Eve?

Find out in Come Fly With Me available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited for only 99 cents!!





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Happy New Year to all you Cinderellas! Here’s to 2015 and that Happy Ending


Fireworks filled my ears when the clock struck twelve…I ran down the steps of the palace…stumbling over a grinning pumpkin…losing my shoe…but I couldn’t stop. All my hopes gone…shattered…the man of my dreams mustn’t see me like this…my dress tattered and torn, my blonde roots needing touching up–

Then I woke up.

It was all a dream. A beautiful, over the moon, wonderful dream of finding my heart’s desire.

I sighed, and then picked up the e-Reader next to my nightstand and finished the story until I got to the happy ending.

After all, isn’t that the stuff dreams are made of?

Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2015!!




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