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“Hello?” Talk don’t text to the one you love on #DatingSunday



Ever wonder what the guy you met online sounds like? Is his voice low and sexy? Does he mumble, grumble? Does his voice turn you on?

Chances are you text, text, text until you finally meet.

Next time, pick up the phone and say, “Hello?”

You may be glad you did if he sounds like the hero in my Civil War time travel romance LOVE ME FOREVER

Liberty had to face the truth sometime. She secretly hoped the major would come home to Rosebriar while Pauletta Sue was gone. She pined to see Flynt again, hear his low, sexy voice when he talked about Virginia and his home. See his eyes shine when they saved a soldier’s limb, or watch him standing outside the hospital tent with the late afternoon sun in his eyes, exhaling deeply when the last casualty was brought in. He never stopped, never gave up until the last man was seen. Operating through the night in a tent teeming with insects and the metallic smell of blood. It was mad, crazy, and overwhelmed her senses.

Damn, he overwhelmed her senses. She could think of nothing else these past weeks, praying, hoping she’d see him again.

Sounds like Liberty, the time traveling heroine in my story, would give anything for her smartphone just to hear his voice. The major is a Union Army surgeon in 1862. Btw, I can’t wait for Mercy Street — a Civil War medical drama set in Virgina 1862 just like my Civil War time travel romance, LOVE ME FOREVER.

The show premieres on PBS on January 17th.

Happy Dating!!



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Women Soldiers in the Civil War from “Love Me Forever” from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.


Love Me Forever is now available in Print for $19.99

Southern Belle and Spy: Excerpt from LOVE ME FOREVER from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

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She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

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