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Wistfully waiting…and why I’m so excited about a new project

Catch up with me re: my Instagram videos…and yes, I’m waiting to receive a signed contract from a fabulous publisher. I’ll be checking back very soon with the news when I can share…

Why am I so excited?

This is an amazing opportunity to see my Women’s Fiction novel about family, love and loss, and going home again…

So, till I can share:

Catching up on my Instagram video posts…

I love posting on IG — making video posts. So here are a few of my recent faves! They’re all less than minute long…and yes, pink, pink and more pink is a theme color I love.

National Make a Friend Day


It’s National Make a Friend Day!


Books have been my friends since I read my first fairytale.

We moved a lot from state to state when I was a kid due to my dad’s work, so I was kinda slow making friends. I remember a teacher wrote on my report card, “…works well by herself, is shy and reads a lot.”

I was already in my third school.

And I was in the 3rd grade.

Over the years, books are still my friends, but like the little girls in the graphic I put together, it’s more fun to share those books with a friend.

And to everyone out there who stops by to read my stories and posts, I like to think of you as my friends, too. Got a question? Comment? Ask me.

Thank you!!



National Nothing Day and what every romance writer must know…


Zzzzz….I’m sleeping at my computer.

It’s National Nothing Day.

A day when you don’t celebrate anything, take the day off, and don’t do any writing–


Hey, who stuck me in my–

It was my hero and heroine in my latest WIP.

Guess there ain’t no such thing as a Nothing Day for a writer…

Back to writing. But that’s what we’re all about, isn’t it?

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Taking some time off today? How ’bout taking a flight and COME FLY WITH ME

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