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Stuck in an airport on this busy holiday weekend with no ticket home?



When a bad boy billionaire hooks up with

a lonely good girl at 30,000 feet in the air

anything can happen… 

Come Fly With Me is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


A Soldier’s Italian Christmas on My Sexy Saturday #70


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This week on My Sexy Saturday # 70, in A Soldier’s ASoldiersItalianChristmas_256_384Italian Christmas  we go back to a time of war when Italy was a hotbed of Nazis trying to keep the American Army from reaching Rome…

He is a U.S Army captain, a battle-weary soldier who has lost his faith.
She is a nun, her life dedicated to God.
Together they are going to commit an act the civilized world will not tolerate.
They are about to fall in love.

December 1943

The ravages of combat have taken a toll on Captain Mack O’Casey, who has lost his faith after seeing the horrors of war as the Nazis fight hard to keep the Allies from reaching Rome. His beliefs are challenged even more when he loses his way and ends up in a mystical place called Monte D’Oro Rose during the cold winter of 1943…and falls in love with the beautiful Sister Angelina.

The young nun has a secret of her own, one she will die trying to protect: the lost Cross of Saint Cecelia. She must find the religious relic first before the brutal Nazi major who will stop at nothing to get it. Even murder. Sister Angelina risks her life to save the cross for the Church, but will she also risk her heart? Falling in love with the handsome American soldier is against the rules, but she can’t deny the stolen moments with him have made her question her vows.

It is Christmas Eve when these two lonely people come together on this holiest of holidays and how faith helps them overcome their greatest fears. A time when the whole world holds its breath as brave men and women fight for freedom.

And a soldier and a nun dare to fall in love…

A Soldier’s Italian Christmas from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.


Here are my 7 Paragraphs. Mack has taken refuge with the beautiful Sister Angelina–she was ready to shoot him in the dark until she realized he was an American GI. She’s asked him to stay for a hot meal…


“Then I insist you both stay.” Sister Angelina put down her weapon, a heavy old Smith and Wesson nickel revolver that Mack guessed belonged to Father Tom.

He watched her prepare the eggs and scrape together weak coffee. He didn’t realize how much he missed a home-cooked meal until now. Or was it because he enjoyed watching her that made it special? He put that thought out of his mind quick. He had no right to feel that way about her and he’d better get used to it. Mack poked around to take his mind off the pretty girl. He noticed potatoes and bread in the coffers.

He said, “I see you do a good business borrowing from the Nazis.”

She smiled. “God helps those who help themselves.”

She had grit all right. Most Italians were starving, resorting to eating horsemeat and peelings they found in the trash. Not here. No wonder Sister Angelina didn’t want visitors. She’d be shot if she were found stealing food. The thought set his teeth on edge.

“Suppose you and I do some exploring first, Sister, then we’ll eat,” Mack said, surprising her. “I want to see what we’re up against with this Nazi major you mentioned. How many men he has in the command post.”

“I understand, Captain,” she said, grinning. “You have what I believe you Americans call a date.


What happens when the horrible Nazi major finds out Sister Angelina is stealing food? And that she’s guarding a priceless artifact from the Church? And when the young nun realizes she’s falling in love with the handsome Captain?

Find out in A Soldier’s Italian Christmas — available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited 

Winner of the I Heart Indie Contest in Novella category!! iheartindiew (2)

Happy Holidays!



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Black Friday FREE: A Naughty Christmas Carol: What if Scrooge was a New York hottie?



Oooh…it’s Black Friday and time for Deals…what if Scrooge was a New York hottie?

“A Naughty Christmas Carol is  FREE Today only!!




ANaughtyChristmasCarol_AReAs I set out on this Black Friday adventure to the mall, I was wondering what my sexy Scrooge hero, Nick Radnor, is doing today.

Certainly Mr. One-Percenter is not standing in line at Walmart or Best Buy.

No, no. Not this hunky Wall Street stock trader who thinks nothing of dropping $5,000 for a suit or a measly $3,000 for a bottle of champagne.

I imagine Nick is at MAMIE’S, his Gentlemen’s Club, checking out the girls for his, um, favorite past time…BDSM.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the girls at Mamie’s ran Black Friday Sales? I think so. So here you go. MAMIE’S Black Friday Deals just for you Nick Radnors out there looking for personalized Holiday BDSM treats:



Two pairs of girls wearing Christmas stockings and nothing else for the price of one.

Half off on caning.

Private “Strip-Mas” show at Midnight for early shoppers only.

Christmas suckers wearing cherry-flavored lipstick at 75 percent off.

And here is my favorite:

Christmas comes but once a year, but at Mamie’s, we guarantee you’ll come more than once, then come again!

Happy Holidays and have a Cruel Yule!!


A Naughty Christmas Carol is FREE today only on BLACK FRIDAY on Kindle and Kindle Unlmited!!

Come Fly with Me on My Sexy Saturday #69



My Sexy Saturday #69!! Click on this LINK or the graphic above to go to Blog Hop List!

It’s all about family this week…and the gorgeous hero in COME FLY WITH ME, my new sexy contemp, doesn’t have anyone…poor baby, I mean, billionaire. Jace Chantiers is a sucker for a pretty woman, so when he overhears Kacie Bennett begging the airline ticket agent to get her a seat…any seat…on the last flight out of London on New Year’s Eve, he buys her a first class ticket home.

Check out my sexy 7 paragraphs for the scoop:


The woman was trouble. An itch up his backside he shouldn’t scratch, but he did. Strange, but Jace was enjoying himself more than he had in a long time. She stoked a fire in his belly that didn’t go straight to his dick but to his brain. She issued him a challenge he couldn’t ignore and it was killing him.

When he heard her talking earlier on her cell, her voice cracking as she tried to find out what happened to her sister, he’d pulled the ticket agent aside and used his influence to find out more about her. Her story got to him. Desperate to get home, credit card limit too low for anything but economy. Baby sister in trouble. What else could he do but buy her the last empty seat on the special midnight flight to San Francisco? In first class. Next to him. She wasn’t his type, but she sure had a saucy attitude and confidence that took a man off his edge. Made him practically beg her to accept the damn ticket.

Jace had never done that for any woman. He’d always taken what he wanted. An old habit he couldn’t shake since he was growing up in a gritty beach town in SoCal and discovered no one would give a kid with no name a break. He never did get the smells of hot tar, dead jellyfish, and overripe trash out of his lungs and spent his life always one knockout punch away from the next fight.

Flying first class was one of the perks of getting out of that life. He preferred flying commercial over having his own jet. He liked watching people, seeing how they reacted to the world around them, not sitting by himself in a private plane. Alone.

Not bad for a punk who had nothing for wheels but a broken down skateboard when he was a teen. Now he was at the top of his game, a frequent flier and well-acquainted with the luxury of the airbus. So when this voluptuous babe with the golden-girl legs went on a verbal sparring match with him, it made him sit up and take notice. Women always wanted something from him.

Kacie didn’t.

He couldn’t let her go until he found out why.


Come Fly With Me is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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Come Fly with The Sexiest Man Alive


What do Chris Hemsworth and Jace Chantiers, the hero in my sexy new contemp, COME FLY WITH ME, have in common? They’re both “The Sexiest Men Alive…”

Yep. Kacie Bennett, my heroine, has no idea the billionaire bad boy who offers her a first class ticket home to save her little sister from marrying the wrong man, has just been named the sexiest man alive by a British tabloid:

“The Daily Sneek dubbed him the sexiest man alive. His picture is splashed all over the front page.” She winked and handed her the scandal sheet.

Kacie’s eyes popped. It was him all right. There, sprawled on the cover of the glossy gossip sheet was the gorgeous hottie who bought her a ticket home. The man’s charisma grabbed her, as bold and sexy on paper as he was in person. The paparazzi had caught his hard, muscled body in a candid shot somewhere on a white, sandy beach. Shoulders so broad they spilled off the page, his naked chest glistening with sea spray, his abs tighter than a clamshell.

And a come-hither grin that would have any woman crawling on her knees to get close to him. His brooding black eyes stared straight into the camera as if daring the photographer to take the shot.


Does Kacie take the ticket to fly home? The flight is booked solid, it’s New Year’s Eve, and the clock is ticking…would you fly home with “the sexiest man alive?”

Amazon Kindle and KU:

“Come Fly with Me” went live today!!


Come Fly With Me is what happens when a bad boy billionaire offers a lonely good girl a free airline ticket home to save her sister…in first class…next to him!!

This is a sexy contemp novella that takes place entirely in the airport and in the air on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve always enjoyed the films that take place on an airplane…who can forget Harrison Ford in Air Force One or Liam Neeson in the recent Non-Stop…but instead of bad guys taking over the plane, our bad boy is a handsome billionaire…the only thing he wants is the heroine…

Let me know what you think…this is a novella that sets up the Bennett Sisters who run a B&B called “The 3 Bees” in a Shangri-La-like small town in Northern California…more later…

Happy Flying!

Come Fly With Me is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Sunday, Sunday…and a sexy contemporary…and editing…

Sunday_editingSunday used to be for lovers…not today.
I’m editing, proofing, laboring over every word, every comma like a mother duck in a storm trying to keep her babies on the march.
Finally, I can see the end of the road, that is, page.
I’m on the last few pages of my sexy contemp novella “COME FLY WITH ME” about a bad boy billionaire and a lonely good girl who end up on the same flight from London to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve when he gives her a first class ticket with no strings attached…or are there?
I’m putting Come Fly with Me up on Kindle and KU…so it should be available soon!Come_Fly_Me_Cover_Final_500x800

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day is for healing…let’s not forget our wounded warriors who suffer not only the physical pains of war, but the mental as well.

PTSD was first talked about during the Civil War by physicians who described it as nostalgia, while others believed it was a disturbance of a soldier’s mental capabilities caused by severe trauma to the brain.

After World War II, John Huston directed a documentary called Let There Be Light, about the care of soldiers with mental disturbances suffered during wartime.

These are wounds you do not see.

But they are very real to the soldier with PTSD.

In my holiday romance, “The Christmas Piano Tree,” the hero, Sgt. Jared Milano, is a wounded warrior suffering from PTSD from his last mission in Afghanistan:


“His brain went into freefall and he couldn’t stop it. No matter how hard he tried, how much he squeezed his mind, the memory stayed lost in a thick, suffocating fog swirling around in his head.


Dead and forgotten.

Angry, frustrated, he tried to reach out and grab it, but whatever his buddy said to him before he died remained silent and still in his mind.

When would he remember? When?”



The Christmas Piano Tree” is the story of a pretty young war widow who re-discovers the magic of the holiday season with the help of a homeless vet and an old piano.

I’ll never forget the Christmas I spent stationed overseas in a small town in Italy. The hot chocolate and cookies I baked and gave to the soldiers who signed up for my Christmas Eve Midnight Mass tour. Off we went on that wintery night in an old military school bus…

We were a motely group of military and Special Services personnel attending the service in a medieval cathedral that was cold and damp, but filled with song and hope for a better future.

Many of those men had seen the horrors of combat and suffered from PTSD (what we called DSS–delayed-stress syndrome–back then). Their stories as they told them to me have stayed with me always…

Thank you for spending part of your Veterans Day here with me. We thank all those who have served for their courage and bravery in keeping us and our families safe. God bless you.


The Christmas Piano Tree is available on Kindle and KindleUnlimited.

“The Christmas Piano Tree” on a cold, snowy morning…



Tomorrow is Veterans Day…special post tomorrow.

I wanted to preview that post with an introduction to my hero and heroine (a wounded warrior and a soldier’s widow):

In my holiday romance, “The Christmas Piano Tree,” the hero is suffering from PTSD.

The gate is the entrance to the Mary Huber School for Girls where my heroine, Kristen Delaney, works…she’s been feeding homeless vets with leftover food as a way of keeping her husband’s memory alive (he was killed in Afghanistan)–this is a very difficult Christmas Eve for her and her little girl Rachel…until this soldier shows up!!

Here’s a short scene where we first meet him. Kristen gets a funny feeling when she sees a tall man walking toward her…

“She pulled her steering wheel hard to the right to avoid colliding with the tall man bundled up in a black field jacket and khaki pants, a duffel bag strapped on his back, his broad shoulders dusted with falling snow.

“She stuck her head out of the window to give him a piece of her mind and then stopped.

“Something about him made her stare at him. He had that swagger she knew so well. Military. Seeing him touched a nerve. Another homeless vet. Kristen shook her head, understanding. He was the third one this week looking for a hot meal.

“Not surprising on Christmas Eve.”




The Christmas Piano Tree” is the story of a pretty young war widow who re-discovers the magic of the holiday season with the help of a homeless vet and an old piano.

Available on Kindle and KindleUnlimited.

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A Naughty Christmas Carol on My Sexy Saturday Week #67

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My Sexy Saturday is into sexy “firsts” this week!

First kiss, first meet..but what if you traveled back to college and saw your first love having an orgasm?


Sounds like fun…especially if you’re Nick Radnor in “A Naughty Christmas Carol” — what if Scrooge was a New York hottie? That’s Nick, but in spite of his millions, I mean, billions, he still has a hankering for his first love, Monique. In the scene below, it’s Christmas Eve and Nick is on a whirlwind tour of his past with the Ghost of Christmas Past.

She takes him back to the time when his younger self sneaked out to the country and had phone sex with his first girlfriend, Monique, while he watched her through the window…

Excerpt from “A Naughty Christmas CarolMy Sexy Saturday 7 Paragraphs:


Deep breath. Focus on what she’s doing. Don’t let her take you out of the pocket.

This is for her.

Yours comes later. Years later if you have the brains to make love to her like you used to.

Nick was so absorbed in watching Monique about to have an orgasm, he didn’t realize the ghost had put her hand over his heart. Time to go. He stiffened when he felt himself melting like snow in the split instant Monique yelled that she was coming.

Watching her arch her back as her whole body convulsed singed his brain with an image he’d never forget as he heard her let out a long cry of utter pleasure.

“Monique, Monique!” Nick called out, but she couldn’t hear him.

Before he could take a breath, his 3-D video game flipped over to a new screen and he found himself at a company Christmas party.


Poor Nick. He’s starting to realize that having all the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing without the woman he loves.

I had a real blast writing this modern version of the Dickens’ classic with Scrooge as a Wall Street trader who gets the scare of his life when three very sexy female ghosts try to save his life on this naughty Christmas Eve…

Read more on Amazon Kindle! Available on Kindle and KindleUnlimited.

A Naughty Christmas Carol from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Note: A Naughty Christmas Carol contains erotic content and light BDSM.

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