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Man Candy: #NationalZipperDay


Love’em or not, we’re stuck with ’em.


Or should I ask, is your zipper stuck?

Not all is lost. What comes up must go down

Couldn’t resist posting this fun graphic I designed.

Writing a novel about a billionaire prince and yes . . . he’s wearing jeans!


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Man Candy: Zipper Day, oh yeah!



What goes up must go down…

Oh yeah.

His? Yours? Or both.

Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy!

Enjoy National Zipper Day! And all the fun that comes with it…



Liberty Jordan, the heroine in my Civil War time travel romance , doesn’t have to worry about zippers back in 1862.

Corsets were a whole other matter:

First, she had to pass as a Southern lady.

“We’ll have lots of time to dress you up proper-like when we get to Rosebriar,” Bedelia said, fluffing out the bishop sleeves on Liberty’s bodice. “Seeing how you’re taking Miss Pauletta’s place—”

Liberty spun around, taffeta rustling in her ears, her senses alert to more than the girl’s idle chat. “What do you mean, I’m taking Miss Pauletta’s place?” she demanded, but the girl pursed her lips together tighter than the lacings on her corset.

Bedelia dropped her chin, her big, brown eyes staring at the cell floor as she pushed the toe of her delicate slipper into the damp dirt. “Miss Pauletta says it’s a secret, and I don’t tell no secrets.”

Liberty felt a kick in the gut at this new revelation and wondered why she ever agreed to this insane idea. She might be better off taking her chances in here. Then she remembered the major, his brooding dark eyes watching her, his expression conveying a curious amusement. She mulled that over, and an unexpected passion to know more about him made her body hum. She’d never have the chance if she didn’t escape from this place.

Really? He’s not for you. He thinks of you as nothing more than a Confederate physician. Even if he did know you’re woman, he’d think you an oddity. A female with a brain.

With a reluctant sigh, Liberty gave up her daydream and went about the task of turning herself into a lady. She fastened the hooks and eyes running up the front of the bodice, noting the rows of buttons were merely decorative. It was a perfect fit. Even the fancy jacket with the velvet piping worked in her favor. By the lingering scent of a soft perfume, she had the feeling this was the jacket the belle wore this morning. They were similar in size, though Liberty was taller. A slight dizziness made her lightheaded since the corset was so tight she could barely breathe. Worse yet, the pointy feminine-looking boots Bedelia handed her didn’t fit. Her feet hurt too much to wear them. Instead, she had no choice but to keep on her comfortable hiking boots.

“Miss Pauletta ain’t gonna like you wearing men’s shoes,” Bedelia said, rolling her eyes.

“They’re my feet, not hers,” Liberty insisted, stepping into the hoop skirt. Six-boned and nearly twelve feet in circumference. A big ruffle circled the bottom. “Good grief,” she mumbled out loud. “How am I supposed to escape in a hoop skirt?”

A smile crept over Bedelia’s lips. “Miss Pauletta said you’d know how.”

Liberty looked with skepticism at the girl, praying she was right. She was no born flirt, but she saw how Pauletta Sue wound every man around her finger. She doubted there was anyone better.

You look like her. So now act like her.”

If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner below.

Love_Me_Forever_500x798LOVE ME FOREVER

She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

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Man Candy: National Zipper Day


Love’em or not, we’re stuck with ’em. Zippers. Or should I ask, is your zipper stuck? Mmm…not a bad idea. What comes up must go down…

Couldn’t resist posting this fun graphic I designed. Letting off steam after my 30-day campaign for my Kindle Scout Civil War time travel, Love Me Forever. It’s in review now, but when I have an update, I’ll be sure to post!!

For now, enjoy National Zipper Day! And all that comes with it…


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