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1862: How the Tooth Fairy helped soldiers during the Civil War


Remember when Frank posed as a dentist assistant in Mercy Street on PBS? He was spying . . . and didn’t know a thing about teeth.

Too bad he didn’t have the Tooth Fairy on his side.

The Tooth Fairy took on a new role during the Civil War. She fought long and hard to help the soldiers keep their teeth, not take them. If a soldier had a toothbrush, it was homemade.

Brushes didn’t show up as commercially made until 1885. Most used a “chewing stick” made from a twig from a tree or bush.

Chomping on hardtack didn’t help. Called tooth-dullers by the soldiers, they tried to soften them in coffee, but often cracked a tooth.

No wonder the Tooth Fairy was so into preventive care.

You see, for a man (or woman disguised as a man) to join the army of the North or the South, they needed a good set of teeth.

As you can see in the excerpt below from LOVE ME FOREVER

Flynt grabbed the young officer and a flash of heat shot through him, a sensation so unexpected it shook his senses to the core.

My God, what’s this?

A woman’s breasts?

He drew back, puzzled then disturbed. Warm nights . . . silken sheets . . . perfume.

He couldn’t speak. He was dumbfounded, his entire being shaken. He couldn’t move and he could barely breathe. He struggled to keep from blurting out his discovery.

The Rebel prisoner was a female.

Would his nurse give her away? Or was she waiting for him to say something? He couldn’t. He felt a stirring within him, something he didn’t want to admit, that brought a hardness between his loins. Did he dare imagine that a beautiful woman existed under all that blood and dirt? He’d heard stories about women enlisting in the army, both North and South, and fighting as men. A good set of teeth to rip open a bullet cartridge, a trigger finger that worked, and a firm handshake was all that was required to join up. It was no secret the promise of a steady paycheck was often the reason behind such reckless female behavior.

That didn’t solve his immediate problem.

Flynt couldn’t see her face under the broad-brimmed hat, but the fullness of her breasts was quite evident when she fell against him. She was tall, making her charade as a man believable, with a leanness about her uncommon to most women he knew. Too often they bound their bodies with boned corsets and rounded hip pads.

He released her, though not willingly. Her lean figure added to her appeal. She was strong and lithe, like the mountain cats he’d hunted west of the Mississippi, but she was no country girl. Her manner of speaking, though strange to his ears, told him she was well educated.

An adventuress? Or was she a female physician? That would explain her disguise since women in the medical field were rare.

Her presence put him off balance, but he couldn’t stop a smile from curving over his lips.

Who is she? he wanted to know.

More important, what was he going to do with her?

Meet Liberty Jordan:

Women Soldiers in the Civil War from “Love Me Forever” from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

So keep our Tooth Fairy happy. Take care of your teeth!!


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Tell a Fairy Tale Day with “The Mermaid Princess”

Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!


I love this beautiful graphic I put together — it’s soft and dreamy like fairy tales should be.

What’s your fave fairytale?

Mine is The Little Mermaid.

In so many fairy tales, the princess has to wait for the prince. Not our mermaid. She goes out and gets her man!! I love that idea–and so true.

You can’t wait around in a tower washing your long hair, or doing housework with one shoe waiting for something to happen.

Get out there and make it happen!!

Here’s a little poem for you I wrote about Mermaids:



Once upon a fairy tale

A gorgeous prince set out to sail

A bad, bad wind his ship did sink

Which put our hottie prince over the brink


Then a princess mermaid came swimming by

And saved him without being shy

But when he awoke on land so dry

He didn’t remember her, oh my


So the princess mermaid risked all to walk

But the spell was so she couldn’t talk

So she had to watch another girl catch his eye

And could say nothing about how he almost died


But she didn’t give up, oh no, not in this tale

For mermaids always get their man without fail.

Fairy tales tell us what’s right and should be

For true love like hers must win…on land or sea.


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Women Soldiers in the Civil War from “Love Me Forever” from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

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She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.



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Royal Kiss promo 60sec 1 from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

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Virgin_Kiss (2014_09_10 01_32_35 UTC)What if your first kiss, and I mean your VIRGIN KISS was just plain awful?

That’s what happened to Riley Murphy, a new student at Holywell High.

To overcome my shyness, my mom convinced me to try out for the Drama Club. Somehow I landed the leading role in a one-act Chekhov play. Yes, Chekhov. I played this mad, beautiful countess with passion and heart. I loved it. I came alive on stage. I could do anything, be anybody, say anything, I could—

—kiss the male lead?

A gangly sophomore named Luke Vanmeer with long greasy hair and an upper lip curled in a perpetual snarl? He was going to anoint my virgin lips with my first big kiss?

Forget the Altoids. I needed a stress pill.

I quit the play. They could find another dupe. Not me. I wasn’t going to let him use my lips for kissing practice.

Then I heard this little voice in my head telling me this was acting, right? Going through the motions at rehearsals and on stage didn’t count on the kissing scale. I could pucker up with him and still be a kissing virgin.

After that, I sailed through rehearsals, knowing my lines, and “connecting to my character,” according to the director, who insisted on method acting. That’s how the trouble started. We didn’t rehearse the kiss. He wanted a real kiss on stage, he said, not some phony smooch.

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And check out the video with Riley:

Virgin Kiss from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

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Featured Image -- 2069


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She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

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