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Happy New Year… 2021! Me and my flashing tiara

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Christmas Once Again — 1943 time travel

The Runaway Girl — Titanic

The Resistance Girl WW 2 Paris


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Titanic Tuesdays: Ava O’Reilly and her Irish roots… mine, too

Aye, a fine lass she is…but will she lose her heart to Captain Lord Buck Blackthorn?

Did you know the first immigrant registered at Ellis Island in 1892 was Irish?

Annie Moore was her name and there’s a statue of the fifteen-year-old girl at Ellis Island.

Years later in 1912 when the survivors of the Titanic arrived in New York, many of the 705 survivors were Irish who had boarded at Queenstown, Ireland on April 11th; many more were lost in the sinking.

Margaret Rice and her five sons were lost on the Titanic. So were Julia Barry, Norah Hemming and Mary Mangan, according to the passenger list in Walter Lord’s ‘A Night to Remember.

Names that should never be forgotten.

I decided my heroine, Ava O’Reilly, would board at Queenstown because…

Well, because I’m Irish.

No surprise here. My grandmother came to America from Ireland with her brothers and sisters and used to regale me with stories about fairies (the ‘gentle people’) and green hills and grand houses.

Like every good Irish family, we had a priest and a nun among the siblings.

And then there was Aunt Marie.

A somewhat scandalous lady, from what I remember. She had studied to become a nun, but she didn’t take her vows (I never found out why); however, she lived and worked with the nuns. She was a forward thinker and a strong believer in women getting ahead in the world and a follower of the saints.

I still have the statue she gave me of Saint Catherine Labouré, a sister of the Daughters of Charity.

Growing up with my grandmother and Aunt Marie, I developed a strong sense of faith and that became a very important part of Ava’s character. Yet, like Aunt Marie, she has her own mind and tends to do things ‘her way’ while trying to keep her faith intact.

So there you have the beginnings of Ava O’Reilly.

And a grand heroine she is.


Next time on Titanic Tuesdays: Titanic, the Irish, the rosary… and Ava O’Reilly

THE RUNAWAY GIRL, is on schedule for a March 17 pub date.

Two women hold the keys to his heart. Only one will survive that fateful night…

When Ava O’Reilly is wrongly accused of stealing from her employer, she has no option but to flee Ireland. The law is after her, and she has only one chance at escape – the Titanic.

Aboard the ship of dreams, she runs straight into the arms of Captain ‘Buck’ Blackthorn, a dashing gentleman gambler who promises to be her protector. He is intrigued by her Irish beauty and manages to disguise her as the maid of his good friend, the lovely Countess of Marbury. Little does he realise, that the Countess is also in love with him.

As the fateful night approaches, tragedy strikes further when Ava is separated from Buck, and must make a daring choice that will change her life forever…

A sweeping historical romance set aboard the Titanic, from the author of Christmas Once Again.

Praise for Jina Bacarr:

‘A delightful holiday romance that has all the charm of a classic Christmas movie. Christmas Once Again is perfect for anyone who loves a holiday romance brimming with mistletoe, hope, and what ifs.’ Andie Newton, author of The Girl I Left Behind

‘A breathtaking holiday romance that is sure to stay with you long after reading’

‘A mesmerizing holiday romance that is sure to sweep you off your feet and take you away to another place, another time.’

‘A fabulous book you won’t want to miss’

THE RUNAWAY GIRL is now up for pre-order:


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