Enjoy National Doughnut Day as we remember Trains and Soldiers in 1943…and of course, donuts.

Doughnuts and Soldiers and Trains in 1943…

It’s National Doughnut Day!!

December 1943

Soldiers, doughnuts, and coffee…a familiar sight every afternoon at the Posey Creek, PA train station when the locomotive pulls in, each rail car filled with hungry servicemen on their way to camp or overseas…

I heard one afternoon during the war, a special train pulled in carrying a very special passenger…

Miss Kate Arden traveling back in time from the future to save the man she loves…



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Time travel back to Christmas 1943 on the home front with my holiday Women’s Fiction novel CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN 


On a cold December day in 1955, Kate Arden got on a train to go home for Christmas.

This is the story of what happened when she got off that train. In 1943.

In 1943 Kate Arden was engaged to the man she loved, Jeffrey Rushbrooke. She was devastated and heartbroken when he was called up for wartime duty and later killed on a secret mission in France.

But what if Kate could change that? What if she could warn him and save his life before Christmas?
Or will fate have a bigger surprise in store for her?

Christmas Once Again is a sweeping, heartbreakingly romantic novel – it’s one woman’s chance to follow a different path and mend her broken heart…


What readers are saying about Christmas Once Again:

‘A fabulous book you won’t want to miss’

‘A really beautiful story’

‘Found this book amazing! Would love to read more of her books.’

‘5* from me’


Christmas Once Again:

US Amazon https://amzn.to/2pcz2eN 

UK Amazon https://amzn.to/31rF4pZ


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