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My computer woes and me on #WorldPoetryDay

Once upon a computer . . .


There once was a lass who wrote day and night

Stories of love and romance and flight


Of runaway brides looking for a man so fine

And lonely princesses with Rapunzel hair divine


Then one day the lass lost her stories so fair

And oh she was filled with such despair


For her computer choked and rattled and froze like ice

No more stories could she write on this old device


So she fretted and pined and sent it away

To a place not far to fix it straightaway


Then she sat and waited and oh how she prayed

That someday soon her computer would be saved


When alas she brought it home and turned it on

She discovered her stories still lived on


Now she’s back at work writing stories so fine

And grateful she is to write this rhyme!!


Yep, the lass is me and it was a maddening time with not one, but two computers that went crazy on me. A while coming back, but I’m getting there!

Happy World Poetry Day!


Royal Noel: a fairy tale romance with a twist from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

What if Little Riding Hood had other plans than going to Grandma’s house . . . like a castle with a handsome duke?

ROYAL NOEL is a sweet romance fairy tale with a heroine with a past . . . she’s an international jewel thief called The Princess.

Had so much fun writing this with Gennie and her duke . . . and there’s a royal baby, too!

This is Book 4 in my Twisted Tiaras series featuring the Risconti Family in Sariah Wilson‘s Royals of Monterra KW series.

Royal Noel on Kindle and now Kindle Unlimited!


My princesses with a past in my Twister Tiaras series for the Royals of Monterra Kindle Worlds stories:

The Royals of Monterra — 4 books! from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Book 1: Royal Dare It ain’t easy getting clean…even for a princess.


Book 2: Royal Bride Can a sexy prince give a girl a second chance at love?



Book 3: Royal Kiss Even a goody two shoes princess can get lost down the rabbit hole.





Fairy Tales & Magic:


Royal Magic The magic is in his kiss…

A Philly girl falls in love with a royal magician.

Hot Java for You on #GreatPoetryReadingDay


Ever since I twirled my first Irish limerick off my tongue as a young lass, I’ve loved to write poems. Funny, sexy, heartwarming, you name it.

So on Great Poetry Reading Day, here’s HOT JAVA.

My ode to coffee.

And how awesome it is the morning after a great night with HIM. The man in your life.

And no, I don’t profess it to be great poetry. But I hope it will put a smile on your face.



Java is a girl’s best friend
When you don’t want that special night to end

“Stick around for a cup of Joe,” you say
After a night in bed that blew you away

Then watch his eyes glow with desire
When you put on the coffee and light his fire

Wearing a sexy black teddy, tight and see-through
You ask, “Eggs or cinnamon buns with your brew?”

“I’ll have the buns,” he says, eyeing yours with a smile
You shiver with glee. The coffee can wait for awhile

It’s back to bed with your man for round two
And to coffee you say, a big “Thank you!”



Guess what they used for coffee in 1862?

During the Civil War, it wasn’t easy to get supplies, as we see here in LOVE ME FOREVER when my time traveling heroine, Liberty Jordan, finds herself on a Virginia plantation–taking the place of a woman who happens to be her twin…and a Confederate spy:

Liberty  finished her tea, wishing it were coffee, but there were major shortages of salt and coffee. She wasn’t fond of the parched okra seed that replaced coffee, and she had no desire to try the grits-and-rye blend used as a java substitute. The price of salt was high and she’d heard stories of Southern cooks brushing grains of salt off salted pork to reuse it.”

If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner below.

Love_Me_Forever_500x798LOVE ME FOREVER

She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is a Kindle Scout winner and is now available from Kindle Press at


Miss Smarty Pants Rants for #NationalPoetryDay

Meet Miss Smarty Pants.

A funny, quirky girl with all the answers, but no social life in high school. But they don’t call her Miss Smarty Pants fer nuthin‘…

On National Poetry Day, she goes on a rant we can all identify with…



Were you a good girl in school?
Did you follow all the rules?

Learn to spell and read and write?
And everyone called you teacher’s delight?

I bet you ignored the boys
And all their fancy toys

But secretly wanted to ride with the top down
And got stuck instead with the class clown

Those days are gone, said and done,
You’re all grown up and in the end you’ve won

You got your schoolin’
Ain’t no foolin’

Smart girls finish first in the game of life
In spite of all our youthful strife

When you text that hottie you met online
You know how to spell and ain’t that divine.



Featured Image -- 2069


If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner:


She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is now available from Kindle Press at


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