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Wistfully waiting…and why I’m so excited about a new project

Catch up with me re: my Instagram videos…and yes, I’m waiting to receive a signed contract from a fabulous publisher. I’ll be checking back very soon with the news when I can share…

Why am I so excited?

This is an amazing opportunity to see my Women’s Fiction novel about family, love and loss, and going home again…

So, till I can share:

Catching up on my Instagram video posts…

I love posting on IG — making video posts. So here are a few of my recent faves! They’re all less than minute long…and yes, pink, pink and more pink is a theme color I love.

Sunday, Sunday…and a sexy contemporary…and editing…

Sunday_editingSunday used to be for lovers…not today.
I’m editing, proofing, laboring over every word, every comma like a mother duck in a storm trying to keep her babies on the march.
Finally, I can see the end of the road, that is, page.
I’m on the last few pages of my sexy contemp novella “COME FLY WITH ME” about a bad boy billionaire and a lonely good girl who end up on the same flight from London to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve when he gives her a first class ticket with no strings attached…or are there?
I’m putting Come Fly with Me up on Kindle and KU…so it should be available soon!Come_Fly_Me_Cover_Final_500x800

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