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Happy New Year to 2018 and a Song to Remember…in your heart

Happy New Year 2018 from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Once upon a time or was it a song
That made my lonely heart sing along
To dream of a prince so handsome and tall
A man who would love me most of all.
The melody was sad as I searched high and low
Singing of the one who would be my beau
For no love did I find
But it ne’er crossed my mind
The notes of love are both sharps and flats
And to give love a chance is where it’s at.
For when you find true love, the melody lingers on
And remains in your heart your whole life long.
I wish you all romance in the coming year!!

A little love makes everything sweeter…and puts a spring in your step!


An Angel in the Sleigh says Merry Christmas

My angel in the sleigh and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!

May your day be filled with family and love. Lots of it. It will warm your hearts and fill your souls. My little angel has a poem for you:

Once upon a Christmas morn
An angel sat lonely and forlorn
For she’d lost her way
But on this holy day
A friend she did find
By opening her mind
And her heart
To a brand new start
For love is everywhere
If you’re willing to share
So give a hello to a stranger today
And make the little angel in the sleigh
Smile with delight
Knowing she was right
Friendship abounds in this wonderful land
And by an angel’s wings, ain’t that grand!
Merry Christmas!




Christmas Eve and my bad boy billionaire is about to see his whole life before him…can 3 sexy, female ghosts save his soul before it’s late?

Christmas Eve with my bad boy billionaire who will be visited by 3 sexy, female ghosts tonight…can they save his naughty soul?

First up…Ghost of Christmas Past

Next, Ghost of Christmas Present

And finally, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come



Merry Christmas!!

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Royal Noel, a Royals of Monterra story

Rachelle Paige Campbell

Royal Noel

A pretty con artist risks everything when she falls for a handsome duke.


Gennie Mars lives a double life. Known to Interpol as “The Princess,” she’s a notorious jewel thief famous throughout Europe for her disguises and ability to escape without a trace. And her gifts to charity. She’s a modern-day Robin Hood in high heels. Take from the rich, give to the poor. She was thrust into a world of crime and capers after the death of her mother when she was twelve. It’s the only life she’s ever known. Con artist, linguist, fugitive. Flanked by her mentors, Harry and his sister, the Contessa, Gennie is on the run with their latest diamond heist when she stows away in the trunk of the sports car belonging to an English duke. A royal who has secrets of his own he’ll do anything to protect.
Jack Wolfram Blackwell…

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Thanks to Rachelle Paige for having me!

via Royal Noel, a Royals of Monterra story

My bad boy billionaire is doing his holiday shopping at Mamie’s Club. Check out the sales!

Heading out to the mall for those last minute Christmas sales before the holiday?

I bet my bad boy billionaire Nick Radnor has other plans. Mr. One-Percenter thinks nothing of dropping $5,000 for a suit or a measly $3,000 for a bottle of champagne.

I imagine Nick is at Mamie’s, his Gentlemen’s Club, checking out the girls for his favorite past time…BDSM.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the girls at Mamie’s ran holiday sales?

So here you go. MAMIE’S deals just for you Nick Radnors out there looking for personalized Holiday BDSM treats:

Two girls wearing Christmas stockings and heels for the price of one.

Half off on caning.

Private “Strip-Mas” show at midnight for early shoppers only.

Christmas suckers wearing cherry-flavored lipstick.

And Nick’s favorite:

Christmas comes but once a year, but at Mamie’s, we guarantee you’ll come more than once, then come again!

Happy Holidays and have a Cruel Yule!!


Can 3 sexy female ghosts save his soul on a wild Christmas Eve?

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Our Mr. One-Percenter isn’t the only naughty one in the office: Meet Mistletoe Holly

Our Mr. One-Percenter isn’t the only naughty one in the office…

Meet Mistletoe Holly.

Holly is a saucy blonde who can’t resist stealing a kiss

from the cute guys in her office.

She hangs the holiday plant with

goldish-green leaves and

big, white berries over her head.

Strutting her stuff.

She’s a Christmas kissing bandit.

She kisses and runs.

Into the arms of the next guy.

So watch out…

If she comes to your holiday office party, she might take your man.

But not if you steal her mistletoe first…


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A Bad Boy Billionaire finds out he’s in big trouble when Charlie’s ghost shows up in “A Naughty Christmas Carol”


Bad boy billionaire Nick Radnor can be such a humbug until Charlie’s ghost shows up and warns him where his life is heading if he doesn’t change his Mr. One-Percenter ways…

Can 3 sexy female ghosts save his naughty soul on a wild Christmas Eve?

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A Bad Boy Billionaire loves to play naughty games on #GamesDay in “A Naughty Christmas Carol”

Bad boy billionaire Nick Radnor frequents Mamie’s Club where he loves to play games…

All kinds of games.

The last thing he expects to see on a whip-cracking holiday eve is the ghost of his business partner, Charlie, who warns him about where his life is headed if he doesn’t change.

Will Mr. One-Percenter see the error of his ways?

Can 3 sexy female ghosts save his naughty soul on a wild #Christmas Eve?

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A Bad Boy Billionaire with a taste for candy on #HardCandyDay in “A Naughty Christmas Carol”


It’s Hard Candy Day.

Nick Radnor’s favorite…this bad boy billionaire loves candy.

Blonde, brunette or redhead…

Bad boy billionaire Nick Radnor is up to his naughty tricks…can 3 sexy female ghosts save his soul on a wild Christmas Eve?

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