I dreamed I met a sexy doctor…back in 1862

To sleep…perchance to–

Time travel?

Liberty Jordan thinks she dreaming when a strange Civil War artifact blasts her back to 1862 and she finds herself swapping medical knowledge with a handsome and oh so sexy medical officer in the Union Army.

Major Flynt Stephens.

The only problem is: she’s disguised as a Confederate officer…and she’s a prisoner of war.


“Isn’t it also your duty, Major, to prevent illness?” she said wryly.


“Then why are more than half your prisoners lice and tick ridden? Their clothes ill fitting and torn. No decent food or blankets, not to mention threats from sadistic Union officers.”

The girl had spunk, but the waver in her voice surprised him. No doubt she was referring to the sergeant in charge. God help her if the man found the curve of her breasts unbound beneath her officer’s jacket, tempting him. He couldn’t bear the thought of the sergeant forcing himself upon her on a hard cot of cold earth. He preferred to imagine her warm in his bunk.

“This is war, Lieutenant,” Flynt said, trying to ignore the softness in her eyes and the unmistakable feminine scent the stink of battle couldn’t hide. “Not a Sunday picnic.”

“A war that will take thousands of lives before it’s over,” she said. “Brother against brother. Father against son. Many will die in Yankee prisons because of the inhumane torture they suffer there.” She banged her fist on the desk, surprising him. “You must do something to help these men, Major Stephens. Give them blankets and better food. Medicine. Treat them as human beings, not animals.”

“You speak more like a politician than a soldier,” Flynt said, puzzled. How well she mirrored his own thoughts. He’d attempted to influence sanitation conditions in the prison camp, but the military commission rebuked his efforts. He didn’t need this female reminding him. “Who are you, Lieutenant?”


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