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Come Fly with The Sexiest Man Alive


What do Chris Hemsworth and Jace Chantiers, the hero in my sexy new contemp, COME FLY WITH ME, have in common? They’re both “The Sexiest Men Alive…”

Yep. Kacie Bennett, my heroine, has no idea the billionaire bad boy who offers her a first class ticket home to save her little sister from marrying the wrong man, has just been named the sexiest man alive by a British tabloid:

“The Daily Sneek dubbed him the sexiest man alive. His picture is splashed all over the front page.” She winked and handed her the scandal sheet.

Kacie’s eyes popped. It was him all right. There, sprawled on the cover of the glossy gossip sheet was the gorgeous hottie who bought her a ticket home. The man’s charisma grabbed her, as bold and sexy on paper as he was in person. The paparazzi had caught his hard, muscled body in a candid shot somewhere on a white, sandy beach. Shoulders so broad they spilled off the page, his naked chest glistening with sea spray, his abs tighter than a clamshell.

And a come-hither grin that would have any woman crawling on her knees to get close to him. His brooding black eyes stared straight into the camera as if daring the photographer to take the shot.


Does Kacie take the ticket to fly home? The flight is booked solid, it’s New Year’s Eve, and the clock is ticking…would you fly home with “the sexiest man alive?”

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