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National Fun at Work Day with Mr. Hottie



That gorgeous man you work for  just passed your desk and spilled your coffee.

“Let me help you,” he says, leaning over so he can get a whiff of your perfume and look down your blouse.

You return his stare with a strategic glance at the bulge in his pants.

Now what?

Before you can  count your Starbucks rewards, he’s got you on top of the desk, making mad, passionate love to you. Your heart is pounding, the burning ache between your legs driving you mad…

“…Miss Bennett-Jones, wake up!”

Uh-oh, it’s that dork with the plaid socks and squeaky voice in the cubicle next to you. Seems you were day-dreaming.

“Miss Bennett-Jones, meet your new boss.”


Mr. Hottie stares at you with those sexy bedroom eyes and says, “Having fun at work today?”

All you can do is nod and smile big when he spills your coffee…and what happens next ain’t a dream.

Happy Fun at Work Day!



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My Sexy Saturday Christmas in July: A Naughty Christmas Carol Part 1

A Naughty Christmas CarolMY SEXY SATURDAY: Check out the sexy snippets from fabulous authors HERE!! 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs.

I’ve always loved the Dickens’ classic about Scrooge and his scratchy quill pen. But what if Scrooge worked on Wall Street and used a smartphone instead?

And what if his faithful clerk, Mr. Cratchit, was a gorgeous blond secretary named Jinger?

In A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS CAROL, our modern day Scrooge also has a beautiful fiancée and frequents a gentleman’s club in New York City’s financial district.

My, how Scrooge has changed: Nick Radnor has a bad boy persona, makes love to more than one woman and lusts after a sexy ghost. But hey, this is a Scrooge-like alpha male in Armani we’re talking about!

In this My Sexy Saturday snippet, we meet Jinger Hunt, office girl extraordinaire. Summa cum laude Columbia. Business and finance. Then a year of law school until her money ran out.

It’s Christmas Eve and Nick is busy at work when–

“Have you forgotten our appointment?” Jinger purred.

Nick looked up. “Holy shit.” He had been so engrossed in his stock portfolio that he’d forgotten their holiday f**k. A tradition he initiated her first year working for him. How long ago was that? Five, six years? He’d lost track.

Jinger didn’t. Standing in the doorway, the six-foot tall blonde wore red high heels, a black garter belt and black stockings with a red-and-white striped candy cane strapped to her thigh. She wore nothing else but a leather collar around her neck studded with rhinestones and jingle bells.

Seeing her standing there with her bare p****y dusted with gold holiday glitter turned him on. Big-time. His boxers felt tighter than they had a minute ago. F**k the Asian markets. They could wait.

Nick couldn’t take his eyes off her, her Santa cap tilted to one side, the furry white ball on the end swaying back and forth as she hung a sprig of mistletoe on a light fixture. To put him in the mood? He licked his lips. Man, just looking at her sweetened his day. He took in the curve of her big breasts and tight brown nipples. For a women her size, she had amazing breasts. He liked to bury his face in her cleavage, then f**k her while standing her against the wall. In heels, she was still an inch shorter than he was. No woman ever towered over him. In business or in bed.

Never taking her eyes off his, Jinger pulled the long candy cane from her black garter and began licking it, nice and slow.

Did it just get hotter in here?

You can read a longer excerpt of A Naughty Christmas Carol HERE!

And check out the Naughty Christmas Carol VIDEO:

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