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Miss Smarty Pants Rants for #NationalPoetryDay

Meet Miss Smarty Pants.

A funny, quirky girl with all the answers, but no social life in high school. But they don’t call her Miss Smarty Pants fer nuthin‘…

On National Poetry Day, she goes on a rant we can all identify with…



Were you a good girl in school?
Did you follow all the rules?

Learn to spell and read and write?
And everyone called you teacher’s delight?

I bet you ignored the boys
And all their fancy toys

But secretly wanted to ride with the top down
And got stuck instead with the class clown

Those days are gone, said and done,
You’re all grown up and in the end you’ve won

You got your schoolin’
Ain’t no foolin’

Smart girls finish first in the game of life
In spite of all our youthful strife

When you text that hottie you met online
You know how to spell and ain’t that divine.



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