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National Cookie Day and a handsome soldier…


Today is National Cookie Day!!

What soldier doesn’t love sugar cookies?


That’s what Kristen Delaney thinks when a handsome vet shows up at the school where she teaches on Christmas Eve…she’s still grieving over the death of her husband in Afghanistan and has been feeding homeless vets in his memory.

From “The Christmas Piano Tree:”


Still, the handsome sergeant hadn’t left her side, even after she finally got the courage to tell him she couldn’t fix him dinner here at the school, but he’d have to wait here for her to bring back his hot meal.

She didn’t explain why.

Kristen buckled her daughter into the car seat in the back of her SUV. “We’ll have a good time making sugar cookies, Rachel,” she said, trying to keep her mind off the Christmas tree. Though she wasn’t doing such a good job keeping her mind off the sergeant. She kept peeking over at him and those broad shoulders. Why was he still hanging around? It was snowing harder and the stable was a heck of a lot warmer than standing here. “First, we have to pick up some milk.”

“Can I help?” he asked, towering over her and leaning his arm on the roof of her van. Why did he have to go and do that? That really knocked her off balance. He’d brushed the flour out of his beard. Now it was flecked with glistening snowflakes, making him appear magical.

And sexy.

Like a Norseman come to rescue her. She imagined him wearing nothing but a furry loincloth, his chest bare, and carrying a long sword.

Dear God, where did she get such thoughts?

“No, I mean, I’m sorry about the meal, Sergeant—”

“Call me Jared,” he said slow and easy. He was in no hurry to leave, which didn’t bother her in the least. After all she’d been through, she needed someone. There, she’d said it. She’d prided herself for being strong all these months, but it was so wonderful to have a man beside her.

Was it so wrong to think that?


Gotta have some sugar cookies today…enjoy!


“The Christmas Piano Tree” is the story of a pretty young war widow who re-discovers the magic of the holiday season with the help of a homeless vet and an old piano.

The Christmas Piano Tree is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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