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#ChocolateCupcakeDay like you’ve seen it . . . I mean him. Yum.

Cupcakes can be so yummy….

Eye candy for today . . .

Miss Cupcake and the Hottie: A July 4th Romance Poem


Miss Cupcake and the Hottie

There once was a girl named Cupcake
Who really, truly loved to bake

Up at six she’d rise
Butter cake to devise

With eggs, sugar, and flour
She worked hard at this early hour

Adding golden rich butter and vanilla
Dreaming of a handsome fella

For she wanted to catch a man’s eye
Who would love her and make her sigh

Then one glorious Fourth
A handsome lad came forth

Who couldn’t get enough
Of her cupcake stuff

And whisked her away to the Land of Butter
Where there they were married and lived happily ever utter…

Happy Fourth of July!!



PS — I have two full m/s on submission!!

An Italian billionaire prince falls for a girl from Brooklyn . . .


A WW 2 Christmas time travel — a woman gets a second chance to save her fiance from being killed during the war.

Keep you posted . . .


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