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National Day on Writing . . . Why I Write

Me and my fairy tale friends

National Day on Writing . . . Why I Write

Once upon a time a little girl moved from kingdom to kingdom.
She had no time to make friends So she made up stories.
The fairy tale characters became her friends.
That little girl was me.

I write to make people smile and feel the touch of friendship.

And I’m Irish.


Oh, yeah, this guy for #NoodleDay

A hunky guy and yummy pasta noodles…and of course, a little poem:
There once was a girl who noodled
No, I don’t mean she doodled
She made pasta every night
To keep her man in her sight

My life as a left-hander and its trials and tribulations

What do you like about left-handed? Dislike?

I’ve been buried in making revisions for a requested Christmas m/s, but I can’t forget Left-Handers Day.

I’m left-handed.

It’s like living life looking through a mirror.

Everything is backward.

When I was a kid in ballet school, I got thrown out of the chorus because I always went right instead of left. I worked hard to get a solo gig so I wouldn’t run into anyone when I chasséd across the stage.

And I love Japan. They read from right to left and back to front (I was at the top of my Japanese language class since right to left is more natural to me).

Yes, it’s a pain, but I’ve learned to find the pot o’ gold in all this. Like a lot of left-handed people, I’m artistic. And I love to write. Create stories.

And therein lies the magic.

I walk through the looking glass every time I sit down to write and go off into a world only I can see. It can be funny, soulful, heart-wrenching, sad, but always romantic.

How about you? Any lefties out there?

Left-handed writers do it better . . . what that is, is up to your imagination!

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