‘Christmas Once Again’ by Jina Bacarr

Love this fabulous review from Ginger Book Geek! Thank you so much for taking the time to review CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN


Christmas Once Again: A romantic historical novel, perfect for holiday reading in 2019 by [Bacarr, Jina]Synopsis

All she wants for Christmas is to save the man she loves…

On a cold December day in 1955, Kate Arden got on a train to go home for Christmas.

This is the story of what happened when she got off that train. In 1943.

In 1943 Kate Arden was engaged to the man she loved, Jeffrey Rushbrooke. She was devastated and heartbroken when he was called up for wartime duty and later killed on a secret mission in France.

But what if Kate could change that? What if she could warn him and save his life before Christmas?
Or will fate have a bigger surprise in store for her?

My Review

If there’s one thing that this Ginger Book Geek likes it’s discovering new authors.  Jina Bacarr is definitely a new author for me but she is an author whose work I will definitely be reading more of…

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