Summer Love Romance Giveaway and Come Fly with Me for 99 cents! And news about my Christmas WW 2 Time Travel Romance for Boldwood Books


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NEWS!!! on my Boldwood Books debut CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN

Pub Date: October 10, 2019

I don’ t have a cover yet . . . but I can tell you that nylons play an important part in my story in Ch 1 — they were rationed during WW 2 . . . here’s a vintage RF photo I colorized of girls getting their legs painted since they couldn’t get nylons.

I’ll be posting vintage colorized photos. It’s quite a challenge to “paint” these old photos — but I wanted to open the door to WW 2 like opening the door to Oz and seeing how the folks on the home front did their best to win the war — in color.

Imagine daily life with a party telephone line or shoes being rationed…l’ll be taking you on a trip back in time with interesting b.g. stuff about life during WW 2 as I introduce you to the Arden family in Posey Creek, Pennsylvania.

CHRISTMAS ONCE AGAIN is a cozy, homey Christmas story in a place I know well — but also filled with the angst and longing of a determined woman who goes back to 1943 to save the man she loves from being betrayed during a mission in France…and then lost to her.

Stay tuned for more!


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