Philly, Row Houses and Pretzels, oh my! #NationalPretzelDay

When I was a kid in Philly, the good Sisters of Charity welcomed the Pretzel Man every day past the iron gate and into the school yard. Oh, the excitement from the little girls in their blue uniforms–including me. I couldn’t wait to bite into the yummy pretzel during lunch recess…thank you, Sisters!

I love Philly pretzels.

They’re long, chewy, and have just the right amount of salt. As you can tell, that fond memory has stayed with me. When I wanted to write about a heroine for Sariah Wilson’s Kindle Worlds series, The Royals of Monterra, I wanted to take a girl who lives in a row house in Philly.

A girl with a dream to fly on the silks in an aerial ballet, but something is holding her back.

Until she receives a royal command to perform in Monterra.

There she meets a handsome member of the Monterran family who isn’t what he seems…

Fairy Tales & Magic:

Royal Magic The magic is in his kiss…

A Philly girl falls in love with a royal magician.

ROYAL MAGIC is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Here is a fairy tale video about an unusual Cinderella narrated by me from the stories I’ve written for Sariah Wilson’s Kindle Worlds Royals of Monterra series!


Book 2: Royal Bride Can a sexy prince give a girl a second chance at love?


incess Violetta in Sariah Wilson’s story, ROYAL DATE.

You can meet see what happened to her afterward in rehab in ROYAL DARE.

I fell in love with the Monterra family, especially Violetta. I call her the “misunderstood princess.” She has everything—looks, money and a title—yet she fell victim to the seductive power of drugs. Why? I wondered. What led her down this path?

I was intrigued tRD_KindleWorldso answer that question, but more importantly, I wanted to know what happened to Violetta when she went to rehab. How hard is it for a princess to get clean? And will she find her prince when she does?

I answer this question and more in my Kindle Worlds “The Royals of Monterra” story, ROYAL DARE.

I hope you enjoy it!




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