Day 18 Kindle Scout Campaign: The Magic Christmas Train: What’s a party line?

If you could travel through time back to another era, what would you miss most?

Your smartphone?

It’s our everything these days. Banking, texting, researching, reading. And oh, yeah, talking. You don’t need anything else to get through your day.

Not so back in 1943. Ask Kate Arden, the heroine in my Kindle Scout “The Magic Christmas Train.” Her family has a telephone, but the whole block is on their party line.

What’s a party line?

Every house on their street would most likely have access to one phone line. You mean, every time the phone rang, everyone would scramble to answer it?  If you’re Kate’s nosy neighbor, Mrs. Widget, you would, but most folks didn’t. They were too busy planting in their Victory gardens or washing clothes by hand, or figuring out their ration books. Each household had their own distinct ring so they’d know when to pick up a ringing phone.

Yeah, right.

Imagine your neighbors listening in on every conversation. Our private thoughts.

Today we call it Twitter.

Instant communication of what’s on our minds.

Life was a lot slower then . . . and some folks would say better in some ways. People actually talked to each other. Kate and her sister Lucy have a lot to say, and Ma, well, she’s always got a wise word to help the girls get through the worst of it. Meet the Arden Family and find out they cope in the holiday season of 1943 in “The Magic Christmas Train.”


PS — if you like my story, please give it a nomination!! TY.



On a cold December day in 1955, I got on a train to go back home for Christmas.

This is the story of what happened when I got off that train.

In 1943.

An old letter written after the war on army stationery brought me here. A chance to save the life of the man I loved. We were going to be married, but he was called up for active duty and was killed. The letter details why the mission went wrong. If I warn him back in this time, can I save his life?

Or will fate have a bigger surprise in store for me?

Kindle Scout is where you choose which books are published!

If the book(s) you nominate are chosen for publication, then you receive a FREE advance copy from Amazon.

Check out my Kindle Scout book “The Magic Christmas Train.” It’s a holiday Time Travel romance:

Imagine if you could go back to a special Christmas, see family and friends you miss, and change the course of your life . . . and save the man you love from being killed overseas during World War 2.

So hop aboard the Magic Christmas Train and meet the Arden Family doing their best to support the troops during that Christmas of 1943.

Thank you!!


PS – if you ever wanted to go home again . . . this is the story for you. A hot, sexy hero, a time traveling heroine who tries to save him, and the magic of a small town Christmas . . . and plenty of good food!


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