Day 16 Kindle Scout Campaign: The Magic Christmas Train and Ma’s Chicken Noodle Soup

Cool autumn days . . . and chicken soup.

And me.

Yesterday I fussed around all day because the inevitable happened. My Kindle Scout book, The Magic Christmas Train, wasn’t Hot, so I needed to lose myself in comfort food.

Chicken soup. Homemade. With fresh, chewy noodles made from scratch.

I’m a dreamer, aren’t I?

I got the chicken soup . . . okay, not homemade but if fresh from the market counts, then yes. And I added packaged noodles . . . no time to make from scratch AND my book got Hot again thanks to you guys. I put out a call on social media and so many of you responded, I hit the No. 2 spot for a while.

It’s nerve wracking watching your book pop around on the Hot list, but it’s part of the process in the Kindle Scout program and I have to admit there’s nothing more fun (except chocolate) when your book does hit the Hot & Trending List.

Which reminds me of what Ma in The Magic Christmas Train would say about all this to my heroine, Kate: “The joy of cooking isn’t just in the eating, Kate, but the love that goes into the making.” I can see Ma now with her hands covered with flour making her homemade noodles, her eyes twinkling as she formed the long, wiggly dough into noodles and then dropped them into the hot, boiling chicken soup until they get plump and filled with the savory broth. Two eggs, a half teaspoon of salt, flour, and a lot of love.

Oh, my . . . I’m off for more soup!


Thank goodness for mothers like Ma in my story, The Magic Christmas Train. She’s always there for Kate and Lucy and it’s her healing strength that gets her daughters through the war.  She shows up when the girls least expect it, and puts herself on the line with Pop to keep Kate safe. Meet Ma and Kate and Lucy in The Magic Christmas Train.


On a cold December day in 1955, I got on a train to go back home for Christmas.

This is the story of what happened when I got off that train.

In 1943.

An old letter written after the war on army stationery brought me here. A chance to save the life of the man I loved. We were going to be married, but he was called up for active duty and was killed. The letter details why the mission went wrong. If I warn him back in this time, can I save his life?

Or will fate have a bigger surprise in store for me?

Kindle Scout is where you choose which books are published!

If the book(s) you nominate are chosen for publication, then you receive a FREE advance copy from Amazon.

Check out my Kindle Scout book “The Magic Christmas Train.” It’s a holiday Time Travel romance:

Imagine if you could go back to a special Christmas, see family and friends you miss, and change the course of your life . . . and save the man you love from being killed overseas during World War 2.

So hop aboard the Magic Christmas Train and meet the Arden Family doing their best to support the troops during that Christmas of 1943.

Thank you!!


PS – if you ever wanted to go home again . . . this is the story for you. A hot, sexy hero, a time traveling heroine who tries to save him, and the magic of a small town Christmas . . . and plenty of good food!


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