Join me in Venice, Italy for my #PizzaPartyDay video!

Jina’s Pizza Party in Venice, Italy from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Oh, goody, it’s pizza party day!!

I love pizza. Or tomato pies as they used to call them in Philly. (Yes, I’ve got the Liberty Bell state on my mind since my heroine in my latest WIP, Royal Magic [Royals of Monterra, Kindle Worlds], is from South Philly.)

Now, for our pizza party.

Here’s a video I made when I was asked to speak and perform at La Biennale in Venice, Italy and my search for pizza…

I hope you enjoy it!!


And thank you to Alessandra Bazardi for helping me find the best pizza in Venice!! Grazie!


I’m writing ROYAL MAGIC now…release date in July along with Sariah Wilson’s next novel, ROYAL GAMES. Keep you posted!

My current book for Sariah’s Royals of Monterra Kindle Worlds series is ROYAL DARE about Princess Violetta from “Royal Date.”

She goes off to rehab and gets more than she bargained for…

I first met Princess Violetta in Sariah Wilson’s story, ROYAL DATE.

You can meet see what happened to her afterward in rehab in ROYAL DARE.

I fell in love with the Monterra family, especially Violetta. I call her the “misunderstood princess.” She has everything—looks, money and a title—yet she fell victim to the seductive power of drugs. Why? I wondered. What led her down this path?

I was intrigued tRD_KindleWorldso answer that question, but more importantly, I wanted to know what happened to Violetta when she went to rehab. How hard is it for a princess to get clean? And will she find her prince when she does?

I answer this question and more in my Kindle Worlds “The Royals of Monterra” story, ROYAL DARE.

I hope you enjoy it!




“Modern Jazz Samba”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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