Pink Teapots and Princesses…a strange brew

Pink teapots…served at your table, Princess…it’s real…no, no, it’s not real. It’s in your mind.

Addiction is a strange brew.

It takes hold of your mind like a drip of water that never stops. Eating away at your resistance to say “no,” making you so crazy you want to use.

Ask Princess Violetta from my Kindle Worlds “The Royals of Monterra” book, ROYAL DARE.

I crashed way sooner than I should have. Meth is an emotional drug and my emotions went into overdrive at this new turn of events. Cold knives cut right through me, my body weighed down like I was filled with wet sand. My whole life, my future slipping away, my mother’s eyes darkening again, but this time so deep and black I knew the light in them would be gone forever.

That was when the truth hit me. It was either pull myself up . . . or never come back. Disappear down that hole forever. It was no fantasy pink tea party down there with flying teapots and spun candy.

Find out if Princess Violetta is able to make the journey to sobriety in ROYAL DARE.



I first met Princess Violetta in Sariah Wilson’s story, ROYAL DATE.

You can meet see what happened to her afterward in rehab in ROYAL DARE.

I fell in love with the Monterra family, especially Violetta. I call her the “misunderstood princess.” She has everything—looks, money and a title—yet she fell victim to the seductive power of drugs. Why? I wondered. What led her down this path?

I was intrigued tRD_KindleWorldso answer that question, but more importantly, I wanted to know what happened to Violetta when she went to rehab. How hard is it for a princess to get clean? And will she find her prince when she does?

I answer this question and more in my Kindle Worlds “The Royals of Monterra” story, ROYAL DARE.

I hope you enjoy it!



ROYAL DARE It ain’t easy getting clean. Even for a princess.

I am so excited to part of Sariah Wilson’s The Royals of Monterra Kindle Worlds. If you read Sariah’s ROYAL DATE you’ll remember Princess Violetta and her down slide into drugs. When the book ends, she’s off to rehab. In ROYAL DARE, we find out what happened to Violetta.


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