A Soldier’s Italian Christmas: “The girl was a beauty,” but the soldier didn’t know she was a nun…

My holiday novella, A Soldier’s ASoldiersItalianChristmas_256_384Italian Christmas is the story of a soldier and a nun who discover forbidden love in war torn Italy during the winter of 1943.

A Soldier’s Italian Christmas” is truly a story of the heart.

I lived in Italy and always enjoyed the spirit of Christmas and the Nativity scene…it’s a time when the chocolate flows like wine. The holiday spirit is everywhere…but I’ll never forget when I took a busload of soldiers to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in an ancient church in Pisa. We had mugs of hot chocolate and cookies I baked and boy, was it cold! That moment was one of many that inspired my story. I never forgot the spiritual joy of seeing these men (many of them combat veterans) rediscover their faith in that medieval church with its high ceilings and hard wooden pews. A coming home for some, a new beginning for others.

My story is about one such soldier who lost his faith in a different war when the Nazis fought hard to keep the Allies from reaching Rome. Captain Mack O’Casey makes a wrong turn and finds himself in a small bombed-out village where he meets a beautiful young nun, Sister Angelina…their story will break your heart when they realize they’re falling in love but that love can never be…there’s also a mystery (I love archaeology so this is no surprise) about the lost Cross of Saint Cecelia and the brutal Nazi major who will stop at nothing to get it.

But most of all, it’s a love story about two people who come together on this holiest of holidays and how faith helps them overcome their greatest fears. Mack and Sister Angelina take us back to a time when the whole world held its breath as these brave men fought for freedom. And a soldier and a nun dared to fall in love

A Soldier’s Italian Christmas from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.


A Soldier’s Italian Christmas (O’Casey Brothers in Arms 1)

In this excerpt, Capt. Mack O’Casey doesn’t know the woman dressed in men’s clothes holding a gun on him is a nun:

He nodded to his sergeant to cover him. His heart pounded in his ears. It never got easy staring the enemy in the eye, but it didn’t do any damn good to stand out here waiting to be picked off like wild turkeys. He kicked the door open and did a clean sweep of the courtyard when a cold chill stopped him.

He froze. Someone had a gun aimed at his back. His instinct never failed.

“Don’t move,” said a low, sultry voice in Italian. “I know how to use this.”

For chrissakes, a female.

“We mean you no harm,” Mack said in English, hoping to gain her confidence. She couldn’t see him in the dark. “We’re Americans, not Germans.”

“American?” Her voice changed. “Oh, thank God,” she said in English.

Mack turned around slowly and saw a young woman holding a gun on him. She bent down and turned up the wick on the lantern sitting on the ground and light flooded the small courtyard. He didn’t breathe until he was certain she wouldn’t shoot him. Dark, beautiful eyes flecked with amber sucked the fatigue right out of him. Flashing with a wildness that surprised him, she never flinched. Looking him over with intense scrutiny, she waved the lantern up and down his body. Over his boots, his uniform, the silver bars on his shoulders, and then his face. Her eyes locked with his, her lips parted. Full lips rendered her face with an exotic aura that held him transfixed. The girl was a beauty. Creamy complexion with a straight nose tipped at a perfect angle, expressive dark brows crossed in thought. She clenched her jaw, but her gaze never wavered. An absolute show of power on her part. It was clear she was relieved to see him, but she didn’t trust him.


A Soldier’s Italian Christmas (O’Casey Brothers in Arms 1) is available on Amazon for Kindle!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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