Cinderella’s got new glass slippers: My Kindle Scout Experience re: my Civil War time travel romance “Love Me Forever” Part 4


Glass slippers don’t last forever…

But Kindle e-Books do.

So when Cindy discovered her treasured glass slippers had a crack in them…ow! It was time to get a new pair.

And that’s what’s been happening in publishing. It’s time to embrace new and different ways of getting our books to readers. That’s where the Kindle Scout program fills the gap. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, it’s been an amazing journey for me since I started my campaign with LOVE ME FOREVER, my Civil War time travel romance.

I danced in my slippers when LOVE ME FOREVER went on sale.

Amazon sent me an email with the screenshots, showing LOVE ME FOREVER PR. My book was in the first slot on page one:



And shown here with another Kindle Scout winner.


Facebook Launch Party

The Kindle Scout Authors did a 3-hour Facebook party. It was amazing…you can read all the comments and see what happened here: 


Time travel is my favorite genre, so I was thrilled to hit the Kindle e–Books>Romance>Time Travel Top 100 list several times. Here’s a graphic I made:


But most gratifying to me are the 5 STAR reviews:

“This is one of the best time travel historical novels I have ever read. I was hooked from page one. The descriptive scenes of the Civil War battles are so realistic that you find yourself imagining you are actually on the battlefield. I highly recommend this book.”

“Gripped me from the first page and wouldn’t let go until I finished the book HOURS later.”

“Rich in history and social issues, Love Me Forever is both deep and emotionally compelling. Another fine read from a Kindle Scout winner.”

“Wonderful historical fiction with just the right amount of time travel. The Civil War really came alive and the author did an amazing job with research to pull off all of these details and insights about such a terrible time in our history.”

“The story was riveting as she entwined the lives, lies, and misdirections of the main characters. Very diverting, indeed.”

“Full of action, excitement, and love. The characters are fantastic”


What’s next for me? I’m writing the sequel to LOVE ME FOREVER . . . more about that in Part 5 coming soon!

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey.


PS — very exciting news: Ken Burns’ Civil War has been remastered and will be shown in high definition on PBS beginning September 7-11, 2015. Be sure to tune in . . .




She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is now available from Kindle Press at




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