Soft Ice Cream Day: What flavor is still the fave of North or South?


North or South, during the Civil War, every soldier loved ice cream.

We hear so much about the horrors of the Civil War, but it also had what I call “people” moments. Times when soldiers and officers alike came together and reveled in a small gesture of good will or indulged in a moment of pleasure.

Like eating ice cream.

Ice cream was a great morale booster for the troops. Walt Whitman wrote home about the ten gallons of ice cream he bought to give to the wounded in a Washington D.C. hospital. Confederate General Bradley Johnson found workers loading ice cream onto a railroad car and allowed his men to wet their whistles with the creamy stuff. Even Godey’s Lady’s Book in 1862 had numerous recipes for ice cream, including orange and pineapple, enticing the cook to add lots of sugar to the fruit slices, let them stand in a bowl for hours, and save the syrup for flavoring.

Sounds good enough to lick the spoon.

The ice cream freezer or “artificial freezer” was invented in 1843 by Nancy M. Johnson (patent here) and a second patent five years later to William G. Young for his improvements.

Before the war, ice cream was enjoyed by both North and South. But when the South could no longer get ice from the North, well, you guessed it, no more ice cream.

So what’s your favorite ice cream?

Btw, the #1 ice cream flavor North or South is: VANILLA according to the 2013 International Ice Cream Association survey.

Today is soft ice cream day, so enjoy!!


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