Ice Cream Pie Day: Which Ladies are the better cooks: North or South?

New England stew steaming with hearty beef and onions and carrots…

Southern Pecan Pie with crunchy sweetness and dripping with juices…

Which ladies are the better cooks?

North or South?

What do you think?


During the Civil War, it wasn’t easy to get supplies, as we see here in LOVE ME FOREVER when my time traveling heroine, Liberty Jordan, finds herself on a Virginia plantation–taking the place of a woman who happens to be her twin…and a Confederate spy:

Liberty  finished her tea, wishing it were coffee, but there were major shortages of salt and coffee. She wasn’t fond of the parched okra seed that replaced coffee, and she had no desire to try the grits-and-rye blend used as a java substitute. The price of salt was high and she’d heard stories of Southern cooks brushing grains of salt off salted pork to reuse it.”

If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner below.

Love_Me_Forever_500x798LOVE ME FOREVER

She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is a Kindle Scout winner and is now available from Kindle Press at



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  1. Oh, Southern cooking is awesome! Also full of calories and cholesterol, but a nice treat once in a while. My Southern mother-in-law made the best pecan pie ever. But as far as I’m concerned, they can keep the okra and black-eyed peas. I will take the hush puppies, though.

    • I guess you can tell I’m leaning toward the South, too…my mother made fried chicken that was perfection…add your mom-in-law’s pecan pie and we’ve got ourselves a whole hunk of beautiful memories!! (I’ll take the hush puppies, too!!)

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