A Union soldier’s letter to his sweetheart during the Civil War in 1862


Letters written during wartime hold a special place in our hearts. No more so than during the Civil War.

I employed letter writing in LOVE ME FOREVER as a way of allowing my time traveling heroine to communicate her thoughts with the handsome Union Army physician, Major Flynt Stephens.


She’s been writing to him as if she’s his fiancée, Pauletta Sue, not as herself. Flynt wasn’t happy with the arranged marriage but as he reads “Pauletta Sue’s” letters, he falls in love with her. He has no idea she’s really a time traveler from the twenty-first century:

Sharpsburg, Maryland
November 29, 1862

My dearest Pauletta Sue,

I am most distressed by your last letter. The thought of you being in the line of enemy fire makes it difficult for me to concentrate on my work here. You must not put yourself in any danger, nor any of our people. If Old Burny does indeed cross the Rappahannock & stage a frontal assault on the town, abandon Rosebriar and take everyone with you.

I’m also disturbed to hear that Colonel Lamson has taken to calling on you at such frequent intervals. Has the man no sense of protocol? You’re under my protection. If my hospital work permitted a break in routine—& Lamson knows it does not—I would find it no hardship to ride the more than eighty miles separating us to protect you & Rosebriar from the enemy, whatever color uniform he wears. I entreat you, my dear, to withdraw your intentions of permitting Colonel Lamson to call on you.

Duty calls so I must close this letter, but before I do, I wish to thank Dr. Freulich for his suggestions about my hospital. The U.S. Sanitary Commission paid a visit to our set-up in the field & praised the clean, open conditions they found here.

Your future husband,



She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is a Kindle Scout winner and is now available from Kindle Press at Amazon.com!  


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