Walk with History and Fall in Love: “Love Me Forever” Release Day for my Civil War time travel romance


Years ago I walked a battlefield…it was a cold January morning, ice on the ground, which made it even more eerie. As if I could hear boots marching, men crying out, guns firing.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that the spirits of fallen soldiers had never left. That even if they were ready to meet their Maker, they had to linger here, keep that spirit of brotherhood and patriotism alive for generations to come.

Lest we never forget.



And the eternal flame of hope.

It never dies…


For years, I gathered research, made notes, thought about the men, but especially the women who sacrificed so much during the Civil War to keep their families together. These were the women I wanted to write about, to delve into their hearts and souls as they went from having no say in their lives to running everything when the men were away at war.

I also wanted to be there with them.

So I created Liberty Jordan, a 21st century history teacher, and through her eyes I traveled back to 1862 to the bloodiest battle of the War Between the States.


Here is that moment in the story when Liberty must accept the fact she’s traveled back in time…


(Liberty is disguised as a Confederate officer and has been captured by the Union Army. Using her modern day medical knowledge as a part time EMT, she saved a bluecoat’s life. Now Union Army physician, Major Stephens is trying to figure out who she is and how she has such knowledge. Liberty is still in shock and not able to believe it’s 1862.)


“The year, Major Stephens,” she asked again. “Please, tell me the year.”

“If you insist, Lieutenant. It’s 1862.”

“Then it’s true. Everything.”

Liberty slumped down, a cry of anguish escaping from her lips and floating onto the breeze kicking up outside the tent. The sound of her pain echoed in her head like a bad scene in a play that never closed. She couldn’t recall ever feeling so helpless or alone. She refused to let her emotions rule, but sudden tears caught her defenses down, surprising her.
She sucked in her breath, taking in what seemed impossible.


She tried hard to ignore the strong sentiments running through her and deny everything, but she couldn’t. This was no game.

It was real.

Hadn’t she seen the dead, buried them with her own hands? Helped the wounded? Been captured as a prisoner of war? What more proof did she need?

A bullet through her head?

Liberty sat up straighter, her mind racing. But she had the advantage. She knew what was going to happen. They didn’t. The war would drag on for three more years. Lincoln was alive and so was Grant, and a young woman named Louisa May Alcott played games with her sisters in an attic. And somewhere on a stage, an actor named Booth had no idea his infamous role in history was yet to come.

She could use that information to find her way back to her own time.

Then her mind circled back to the present. She looked into the major’s dark, probing eyes. His passion for medicine fascinated her. His good looks sent a thrill through her. She blinked. Did he know she was a woman? What if he tried to seduce her?

The peculiar thought played with her mind in such a way that both frightened and intrigued her. Took her adventure into a whole new dimension. She didn’t dare take her eyes off him. He deliberately offered her a challenge.

She smiled. Adjusting to life in this time could prove interesting with the handsome major.

Her life, after all, was in his hands.

I hope you’ll follow me in the coming days as I talk more about my heroines–yes, I have two heroines on opposing sides of the conflict–as well as Civil War battlefield medicine and how life changed during these years.

If you love Civil War romance and time travel and TWO hunky military heroes, check out my Kindle Scout winner below.



She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.

LOVE ME FOREVER is a Kindle Scout winner and is now available from Kindle Press at Amazon.com!  

And check out my fellow Kindle Scout winners also with book releases today:

Thank you to Meredith Pritchard, fellow Kindle Scout author, for putting this graphic together

Thank you to Meredith Pritchard, fellow Kindle Scout author, for putting this graphic together


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