Celebrating Love Me Forever and Kindle Scout on My Sexy Saturday #90


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Here’s how it works: Lynn Crain heads up this amazing blog every week with a new theme; it’s up to the authors to post 7 paragraphs, 7 words, or 7 sentences. Sexy, of course. Please visit the other authors, too.

From Lynn’s website: “This week’s theme is Sexy Me Down and this is like doubling down in gambling. We’re sure you wonder what we mean but just look up what the term double down means…to double or significantly increase a risk, investment or other commitment. Hmmm…now think about lovers who are committing their all but not quite sure the other is committing the same amount.”

That’s what happens to Pauletta Sue, the secondary heroine in LOVE ME FOREVER, my Civil War time travel romance…she’ll do anything to settle the score with the Yankees who took the man she loves from her.

But first…


Did you ever want something so much you’re stunned when you get it?

I’m still celebrating LOVE ME FOREVER winning a Kindle Press contract. So before we get to this week’s sexy snippet, here we go with the champagne!




Then news of his whereabouts arrived by special messenger. Captain Colton Trent was captured, trying to save a man in his regiment from hanging. Two days later, he was killed trying to escape from a Federal prison. He was a spy, they said. No trial, no evidence against him but the captured Yank overcoat he wore and the stuttered words of accusation from a frightened Secesh aiming to save his own hide.

Pauletta Sue knew the truth. It lay in her heart.

Colton knew the danger he faced going in alone, trying to save a Ranger’s life. But that wouldn’t stop him. It was so like him, following his credo of honesty, commitment, and duty. What else did she expect from a man who fought bravely in the surprise attack on Grant’s army at Shiloh? Then attacked a Union supply train belonging to General Grant?

Colton was willing to die for what he believed in.

I, too, am not afraid to die, my darling.

I will do anything to help the South win the war.

Anything. Even sell my soul.


She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.


LOVE ME FOREVER is on Kindle Scout — you can read the first 5,000 words HERE. You’ll meet both my heroines and both my heroes in the excerpt.

It’s a saga of love and romance and war. Believe me, I walked every road, fought every battle with my characters, even walked around in a hoop skirt to “get it right.”

This is a book of the heart…any questions? Please ask!!

Thank you for your support…



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