Love Me Forever: Day 30 is the Last Day of my Kindle Scout campaign

Sepia women by river creek in civil war reenactmen  © Ramon Mascarenas |

Sepia women by river creek in civil war reenactment © Ramon Mascarenas |

Group of women near a river creek in civil war reenactment, MO, Wilson Creek commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. August 12-14, 2011.
Photo taken on: August 10th, 2010


We’ve been on a journey, you and me.

Like the Civil War re-enactors in the photo above.

A trip through time for the past thirty days as I’ve shared with you snippets and excerpts from my book of the heart, LOVE ME FOREVER. A Civil War time travel that takes place from 1862-1863. It’s a big, family saga with two feisty heroines and the military men they love…

Capture_lastIt’s been a crazy roller coaster ride. I’ve promoted my campaign by posting a blog every day with a new graphic I designed, tweeted, etc. until I’m bleary-eyed. I hope you’ve enjoyed the graphics–I enjoyed putting them together, finding the joy and the angst in writing about a war that so divided our nation, but made it stronger.

Like families. Yes, we argue, we fret, we make up, but nothing is stronger than family.

Family is the theme of LOVE ME FOREVER. Two very different women, Liberty Jordan and Pauletta Sue Buckingham, with different ideas are thrown together in a mad, crazy scheme of spying, lost love, and passionate desire for what they can’t have.

The men they love.

Do they get their men?

Well, it is a romance, but it’s also a wild dramatic journey based on actual events in the Civil War. Liberty and Pauletta Sue will make you cheer, then cry, then hold your breath when it looks like all is lost…

Thank you to everyone who nominated LOVE ME FOREVER!!!

If it’s published by Kindle Scout, everyone who nominated it receives a free advance copy.

Check it out and if anyone feels like sharing a vote, that would be wonderful!

Thank you for your support…it means a lot to me.




She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.


LOVE ME FOREVER is on Kindle Scout — you can read the first 5,000 words HERE. You’ll meet both my heroines and both my heroes in the excerpt. It’s a saga of love and romance and war. Believe me, I walked every road, fought every battle with my characters, even walked around in a hoop skirt to “get it right.”

This is a book of the heart…any questions? Please ask!!

*** I’ll be posting my favorite LOVE ME FOREVER graphics all day today on Twitter @JinaBacarr. ***


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