I was a Confederate War Bride: Love Me Forever Day 28 on My Sexy Saturday #89


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This week’s theme from Lynn’s My Sexy Saturday website: this is where just once is not enough.

So, here is Sexy Twice as in — Two Sexy Brides. My two heroines are twins–they look exactly alike except for their hair color–but live 150 years apart. Liberty has traveled back from the 21st century to 1862, where she meets up with a brunette Confederate spy who is her spitting image. Wearing a dark wig, Liberty takes her place so Pauletta Sue can do her spying (against Liberty’s will, btw), but she doesn’t plan on falling in love with the woman’s fiancé, the handsome Major Flynt Stephens.

Flynt, however, is suspicious…

“Flynt, please, we can’t marry…not now.”

“What game are you playing with me, Pauletta Sue? Demanding I marry you, and then changing your mind?” he said, leaning down and brushing his lips against hers. He was tempted to carry her upstairs and peel off her clothes, working his way from her flimsy pinafore down to her silk drawers. He wrapped his hands around her waist. His move was brazen, but he was beyond caring. He had to know who she was before he lost his mind.She stiffened, drawing back. He wanted to tell her what he suspected for weeks, but he had to be sure. “I should take you to my bed tonight—”

“I agreed to become your wife, Flynt,” she said, chin up. “Not your mistress.”

“You won’t push me away on our wedding night,” Flynt said, challenging her. “I want you as much as you want me.”

“You insult me, sir.” She raised her hand to strike his cheek, but he grabbed her wrist. She didn’t back down. “I shall pretend I never heard your indecent proposition, Major.” She pulled away from him. “I’ll see you in the morning when you’ve come to your senses.”

“This isn’t over between us, Pauletta Sue.”

“Isn’t it?” she said, miffed. Then she was gone. She ran toward the backstairs, her skirts rustling after her like an angry wind. She didn’t stop, didn’t turn around. He let her go. He had to. He’d lost his temper, let his dark desires override his reason. Fool. His need for her drove him to act like a madman. He prayed he hadn’t lost her for good.


She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.


LOVE ME FOREVER is on Kindle Scout — you can read the first 5,000 words HERE. You’ll meet both my heroines and both my heroes in the excerpt. If you nominate my story and it’s published by Kindle Scout, then you’ll receive a free copy!

It’s a saga of love and romance and war. Believe me, I walked every road, fought every battle with my characters, even walked around in a hoop skirt to “get it right.”

This is a book of the heart…any questions? Please ask!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about LOVE ME FOREVER and the Civil War…

If anyone feels like sharing a vote…I’ll be forever grateful! I’d love to get back on the HOT list at Kindle Scout!!  

Thank you for your support…



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