December 11, 1862…a prayer before the battle: Love Me Forever Day 24


Sometimes a scene in your mind begs to be written…but it’s not enough. You have to bring it to life visually. Capture that moment.

Such is the case for this scene from LOVE ME FOREVER. My time-traveling heroine is a breath away from the onset of the Battle of Fredericksburg on a cold, wet morning in 1862. She knows what a horrific battle is about to get underway…the staggering number of casualties both sides will suffer.

Tempting fate, she sneaks down the cliff to the riverbank, leaving the warmth and comfort of her bed in the plantation house on the cliff.

Rosebriar Plantation

Falmouth, Virginia

December 11, 1862

Misty fog rolled across the Rappahannock River in eerie, human-like shapes, playing tricks with her eyes as Liberty dug in along the riverbank.

Dearest Lord, I swear I feel the presence of soldiers already fallen, their ghosts walking in spiritual brotherhood into the next world.

She double blinked. Crazy thoughts rambled through her head, teasing her. A sense of dread came over her. The battle had not yet begun, but she couldn’t sit around and no nothing.

Around three a.m. strange noises awakened her. The creaking and thumping and scrapping sounds of the wagons and horses and men making their way down to the riverbank with the load of pontoon boats. She grabbed her clothes in the darkness and, careful not to awaken anyone in the house, Liberty followed the soldiers. Within minutes, she could no longer see the plantation house sitting high on the steep bluff wrapped in morning dew. Her heart beating madly, she kept going. The path was filled with brush and slippery rocks, but she made her way down to the river in the cold, wet fog, barely able to see more than three feet in front of her.

Keeping painfully quiet, holding her breath, and waiting to see what would happen next.

I hope you enjoy this visual scene as much as I enjoyed creating it..the rocky cliff, the plantation house on the cliff, the desperation of my heroine to do something to save soldiers’ lives…


She wore gray.
He wore blue.
But their love defied the boundaries of war.
And time.


LOVE ME FOREVER is on Kindle Scout — you can read the first 5,000 words HERE. You’ll meet both my heroines and both my heroes in the excerpt. If you nominate my story and it’s published by Kindle Scout, then you’ll receive a free copy!

It’s a saga of love and romance and war. Believe me, I walked every road, fought every battle with my characters, even walked around in a hoop skirt to “get it right.”

This is a book of the heart…any questions? Please ask!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about LOVE ME FOREVER and the Civil War…

If anyone feels like sharing a vote…I’ll be forever grateful! Thanks to you I’m back on the HOT list at Kindle Scout as I post this!!  

Thank you for your support…



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