The moment when you know you’ve traveled through time and it ain’t pretty…”Love Me Forever” Day 10


Traveling through time can be a frightening experience…all that twisting and turning…telling yourself it’s just a bad dream…but then the moment comes when you can’t fool yourself any longer.

You’ve come back a long way, kid, and if you’re Liberty Jordan when you hit the magic time button, you find yourself back in 1862 dressed as a Confederate officer at the Battle of Antietam smack dab with a Union soldier ready to blow your brains out…until a Rebel knocks him out. Cold.

Then what do you do?


Liberty examined the jagged hole in the man’s uniform pants soaked with dark blood, and then stopped cold.

“Oh, my God,” she breathed, her voice a whisper. She wasn’t seeing this. She wasn’t. The man was bleeding from a wound above his knee. She was too frightened to see it before.

A creepy feeling made her shiver down to her toes. It got creepier still when a swirl of fog danced around her, like a mischievous ghost stirring up a powerful fear of the unknown.

Something isn’t right.

Weak kneed and sweat soaked, Liberty dared to look around…slowly. A faint, prickly sensation crept up her spine. She must have been passed out for hours, then in shock. She blocked out the wild craziness and loud sounds. She gasped, disbelieving. The hot sun gave way to a deepening twilight. The entire cornfield was smoldering, haunted by the horrifying sounds of gunfire and men yelling, drums rolling. An occasional shout or cry broke through the ranks.

An unpleasant odor hung in the air. A dead smell.

Her chest hurt and her eyes watered from the dirt flying in the air, but she could see dabs of blue and then gray running, running, never stopping. Soldiers. Hundreds, thousands racing over the terrain.

Confused, Liberty turned around and around in a circle. She wanted to run, find her students, get them back to the van. But the parking lot had disappeared.

It couldn’t have, unless—

No, I won’t believe it. I can’t.

It’s too crazy, she mumbled, working on the wounded man, anything to keep her mind from accepting the truth. She tore open the soldier’s pant leg, looking for a cut artery. Then she saw the open, ragged wound made by a bullet.

A large caliber bullet.

The man would bleed to death if she didn’t do something quick.

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I’ll be back tomorrow with more about LOVE ME FOREVER and the Civil War…

Thank you for stopping by…………..

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