How do you travel back through time? “Love Me Forever” Day 8


Love Me Forever on Kindle Scout

Time Travel fascinates us like nothing else. Writers have come up with time machines, pennies and mind games, recreations of historical places, lockets…the list goes on.

When I decided to write about the Civil War and time travel I wanted something unique to transport my heroine back to 1862 Antietam.

I found it with a simple belt buckle.

Belt buckles were a unique part of a uniform–often detailing the soldier’s regiment. Here’s a short excerpt when Liberty Jordan, my heroine, finds a historic belt buckle during a re-enactment:

“Bones,” she whispered with reverence. Human bones eroding out of a crack in the bedrock exposed by the recent, heavy rains. A chill came over her as she held it up to the sun overhead as if asking God permission to hold it in her hand. A relic from the past long buried here.

Wait, there was something else sticking out of the dirt. Coppery and bright.

Something that wasn’t human.

Scrapping away the earth with her fingers, Liberty dug down into the wet ground and pulled out a piece of metal, rectangular in shape with three letters engraved on it: NCR.

A belt buckle.

Union or Confederate? Did it matter?

The buckle lay smooth and cool in her palm. The prongs on the back intact, not broken off. She stared and stared, a strong sense of the past gripping her with such intensity she couldn’t catch her breath. As if she freed a battle-weary spirit whose presence was so real to her, she couldn’t let it go.

BONUS photo:

Here is an example of a re-enactor wearing a similar belt buckle:

Medical Lake, Washington USA – May 24, 2014. Civil war reenactment of Deep creek battle near Medical Lake, Washington on May 24, 2014.


Photo Credit: Civil war era buckle and part of uniform.

© Gregory Johnston |

Find out how the belt buckle transports her back through time in LOVE ME FOREVER on Kindle Scout — you can read the first 5,000 words HERE. You’ll meet both my heroines and both my heroes in the excerpt. If you nominate my story and it’s published by Kindle Scout, then you’ll receive a free copy! It’s a saga of love and romance and war. Believe me, I walked every road, fought every battle with my characters, even walked around in a hoop skirt to “get it right.” This is a book of the heart…any questions? Please ask!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about LOVE ME FOREVER and the Civil War…

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