Seduced by the Major — “Love Me Forever”: Day 5


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Civil War Medicine was an integral part of winning the war…surgeons labored around the clock trying to put together what minie balls and cannon fire blew apart.


my heroine, Liberty Jordan, travels back to Antietam in 1862 and meets Major Flynt Stephens, a Union Army surgeon…but she’s wearing a Confederate officer’s uniform. She can’t believe she really traveled back in time–in this excerpt things heat up–he doesn’t know she’s a woman but she definitely knows he’s a man…


 Liberty met his eyes and studied Major Flynt Stephens. She stood up straighter, holding her head up. Still, he was taller than the other soldiers, a long, gold staff stripe running up and down his trouser legs. She assumed the dark blue shoulder strap he wore embroidered with MS meant Medical Staff.

He also wore a green sash around his trim waist and she’d never forget the breadth of his wide shoulders pressing against her breasts when she brushed up against him. A pleasurable heat shot through her, low in her belly and urging her to squeeze her thighs together. She was curious and wildly intrigued. She’d never felt so aroused by a man.

She steadied her nerves, surprised at her own feelings. She kept looking at him. He was a handsome man, clean shaven. Unusual. Most military officers wore beards and mustaches. His nose long and straight.

His eyes were a dark gray, but he wore blue.

Curious eyes.

Had he guessed her secret?

“What day is it, Major?” Liberty asked, lifting her chin up. Was courage guiding her words? Or was curiosity pushing her beyond her limits? She couldn’t go on until she knew what day it was.

And what year.

She could see she had the officer’s ear, although he seemed surprised at the soft, elegant sounds of her voice. He was breathing heavily, watching her.

Her muscles tensed, fear creeping into her bones.

Still, she trusted this man. Why, she didn’t know, but she knew he’d never lie to her.

“Why do you ask the date?” he inquired, his mood inquisitive but not threatening.

“I want to write to my family,” she said, stumbling over the words. “Tell them I’m a prisoner.”

She was relieved when the major didn’t probe her further.

“Today is the 18th of September,” he said.

“And the year?” Liberty asked, her voice filled with such an urgency he leaned forward, intrigued that she would ask him.
“We’ve been fighting this war for more than a year, Lieutenant,” the major said, losing his patience. “Surely you know what year it is.”
Frustrated, Liberty clenched her hands, her fist going around the belt bucket holding up her pants. She wrapped her fingers around the cold, hard metal. A crazy thought kept rattling through her brain.

The belt buckle was old, very old. An artifact from the Civil War.

That was all it was, she convinced herself. Metal. Nothing more. It held no magic. No ride to a long ago scene deserted by history. What she was thinking couldn’t hold up under harsh scientific scrutiny.

But she had to know.

“The year, Major Stephens,” she asked again. “Please, tell me the year!”

“If you insist, Lieutenant. It’s 1862.”

BONUS Graphic:

Here is our sexy major set against the battlefield of Antietam.



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I’ll be back tomorrow with more about LOVE ME FOREVER and the Civil War…

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