National Tell a Fairytale Day

Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!


I love this beautiful graphic I put together — it’s soft and dreamy like fairy tales should be.

What’s your fave fairytale?

Mine is The Little Mermaid.

In so many fairy tales, the princess has to wait for the prince. Not our mermaid. She goes out and gets her man!! I love that idea–and so true.

You can’t wait around in a tower washing your long hair, or doing housework with one shoe waiting for something to happen.

Get out there and make it happen!!

Here’s a little poem for you I wrote about Mermaids:



Once upon a fairy tale

A gorgeous prince set out to sail

A bad, bad wind his ship did sink

Which put our hottie prince over the brink


Then a princess mermaid came swimming by

And saved him without being shy

But when he awoke on land so dry

He didn’t remember her, oh my


So the princess mermaid risked all to walk

But the spell was so she couldn’t talk

So she had to watch another girl catch his eye

And could say nothing about how he almost died


But she didn’t give up, oh no, not in this tale

For mermaids always get their man without fail.

Fairy tales tell us what’s right and should be

For true love like hers must win…on land or sea


Thanks for stopping by!




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