My Virgin Kiss on My Sexy Saturday # 79…the awful truth


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Lynn Crain is a fab blogger and author. Give this girl a hand! She’s a tireless worker and a nice person. A special thank you and cyber chocolate to Lynn on this Valentine’s Day.

Virgin_Kiss (2014_09_10 01_32_35 UTC)

Now for today’s 7 sexy paragraphs with a V-Day twist — VIRGIN KISS is a YA short story, a very short story, and it’s FREE this Saturday and Sunday on Kindle!!

Kisses and Chocolate…

Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate is always good, but what if your first kiss, and I mean your VIRGIN KISS, on V-Day is just plain awful?

That’s what happened to Riley Murphy, a new student at Holywell High. Here’s how it starts in 7 kissing paragraphs:

To overcome my shyness, my mom convinced me to try out for the Drama Club. Somehow I landed the leading role in a one-act Chekhov play. Yes, Chekhov. I played this mad, beautiful countess with passion and heart. I loved it. I came alive on stage. I could do anything, be anybody, say anything, I could—

—kiss the male lead?

A gangly sophomore named Luke Vanmeer with long greasy hair and an upper lip curled in a perpetual snarl? He was going to anoint my virgin lips with my first big kiss?

Forget the Altoids. I needed a stress pill.

I quit the play. They could find another dupe. Not me. I wasn’t going to let him use my lips for kissing practice.

Then I heard this little voice in my head telling me this was acting, right? Going through the motions at rehearsals and on stage didn’t count on the kissing scale. I could pucker up with him and still be a kissing virgin.

After that, I sailed through rehearsals, knowing my lines, and “connecting to my character,” according to the director, who insisted on method acting. That’s how the trouble started. We didn’t rehearse the kiss. He wanted a real kiss on stage, he said, not some phony smooch.

Find out what  happens when Luke tries to embarrass Riley on stage in front of the whole school on Valentine’s Day… VIRGIN KISS is FREE Feb 14th and 15th, Saturday and Sunday!!

And check out the video with Riley:

Virgin Kiss from Jina Bacarr on Vimeo.

Don’t forget VIRGIN KISS is FREE Feb 14th and 15th, Saturday and Sunday!!

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