National Roots Day…and the Irish


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Like my heroine, Kacie Bennett in COME FLY WITH ME, my roots are Irish.

I was fortunate to go searching for my roots with my family. I remember the city of Belfast when it was filled with strife and the “Troubles,” a time when my da convinced the local authorities he was an American tourist and not the man they were looking for by pointing to his Made in the USA sneakers. And when my beautiful mum went to buy some lace and minutes after she left the shop, the street was blown up.

Another time we found ourselves stuck at a checkpoint behind a horse and wagon, and later on we feasted on the best breaded chicken dinner I’ve ever had.

This was Ireland on a cloudy day when the air was heavy with the smell of the earth fresh from the rain, when the blanket of green covering the land was so bright it made your eyes hurt. And when the wildflowers I picked made me think of sweet kisses from the handsome lad who’d winked at me.

I always say our roots are like the first chord of a lovely melody.

It’s a start, but it’s up to each of us to write the song of our life…

What are your roots?

Happy Holidays!!

Made your New Year’s Eve plans yet?

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