National Cocoa Day…why not invite Santa in for a cup of hot cocoa?

I couldn’t resist inviting Santa in to have a cup of cocoa…it’s so cold and windy and rainy…and the poor darling lost his Santa jacket somewhere over the Rocky Mountains.

So here he is…(sigh) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Enjoy, ladies, it doesn’t get any better than this!


PS — my hunky Santa reminds me of my handsome soldier who play Santa for the girls at the Mary HuberChris_Piano_Tree_Cover_Final_500x800 School in “The Christmas Piano Tree” when Kristen, my heroine, recruits him for the job on Christmas Eve:

Silky white flour.

Combed into his dark beard like fluffy snow.

Kristen couldn’t help but notice that he was so handsome. Square jaw. Straight nose. Clear hazel green eyes that never left her. Watching her when she brushed flour into his beard, her fingers gliding over his cheeks, his neck.

Whoever thought her Santa would be a homeless vet?

Find out who this mysterious Santa is in The Christmas Piano Tree available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited



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  1. But Santa has Mrs. Claus! Ugh, but apparently he also has a six pack. These are the difficult decisions in life.

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