World War II Art stolen by Nazis: will Capt. O’Casey rescue the beautiful Sister Angelina from the Nazis in time?

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve been posting about the wonderful new film starring George Clooney, Monuments Men, and the story of art stolen by the Nazis during WW2. I’ve posted some excerpts from my WW2 story A Soldier’s Italian Christmas: One Two Three Four Five.


In Excerpt No. 6, Sister Angelina has the Cross of St. Cecilia hidden in her pocket as the Nazi major threatens her…will her handsome American captain save her in time?

The video is what I call a “living photo” of the hero and heroine. No sound, just their photos arranged in an interesting manner.


His eyes burned fire, the rage inside him so intense all Mack could think about was sending the major to hell so fast he’d slide all the way down the black hole on his burning ass.

“Drop it, Major, or you’re dead.”

World War II Art stolen by Nazis: will Capt. O’Casey rescue the beautiful Sister Angelina from the Nazis?

The Nazi stiffened, as if he couldn’t believe anyone would dare invade his sanctuary. “I didn’t expect the Fifth Army so soon,” he said, tightening his hold on Angelina’s arm so hard she cried out in pain. Mack wanted to jump him and make him pay for that, but he held back. A fool’s move. The man was inhuman and would strike like a cobra to save his own skin.

“We’re here, Major.” Mack didn’t breathe as the two men sized each other up. “Get used to it.”

“I beg to differ. These hills are filled with my men, nests of machine guns pointed directly at your so-called invasion.”

“Don’t count on it. We outnumber you two to one.”

“You’re a convincing liar, Captain, but I don’t believe you.” He held Angelina tighter. “You came here alone.”

“Which puts us on even ground.”

He raised a brow. “I’m not falling for your tricks, Captain.”

“It’s no trick. Your two guards are in no position to come to your aid.”

The major ground his teeth and dragged back the girl’s head, the barrel of his Luger under her chin. “That presents quite a dilemma, Captain. You kill me, but not before I shoot the beautiful nun. It’s like bluffing at poker. You don’t always win.”

“Why, you bastard—” Mack snapped.

“I see I’ve struck a nerve. This isn’t the first time you two have met.” The major smirked. “Did she share with you the secret of Monte d’Oro Rose in the dark? Then let you steal a kiss?” He pushed harder. “Did she promise you more if you helped her find where the priest hid the treasure?”

“Don’t listen to him, Captain,” Angelina cried out.

Mack didn’t take the bait. He looked at Angelina’s face, her eyes meeting his. She looked down. A signal. If he squinted hard enough, he could see the bulge in her  pocket. The cross was safe.

“Let her go, Major,” he warned, “or I’ll blow your brains out.”

“Not a pleasant thought, Captain. May I suggest we settle this like officers and gentlemen.” He paused. “Unless you’re not a gentleman.”

“I come from Brooklyn, Major. We settle things there with our fists. Put down your gun and we’ll see who’s the better man.”

“What fools you Americans are. You think you can defeat the German Army with your brashness and crude tactics. Our troops are better trained, our generals more organized, and we know the terrain.”

“But we have something you don’t, Major, and it’s a helluva lot more powerful than your storm troopers and tanks.”

He looked smug. “I doubt it.”

“We’re fighting this war because we believe in Mom and apple pie. And yeah, one more thing.”

“What is that?”

“Freedom. To think what we like, go where we want, and pray to our God, no matter what we call Him,” Mack said. “You Nazis have taken that freedom away from the people in every country you invade and they’ll fight like hell to get it back. Your goosestepping soldiers in their hobnail boots don’t stand a chance. In the end, you’ll lose.”

He tightened his grip on Angelina. “It’s you who will lose, Captain.” He shoved the pistol against her skull. “Don’t try anything or she dies.”


Will Mack save his beautiful Angelina? Find out in A Soldier’s Italian Christmas.”

Here’s the trailer:

Also, here’s an extended video excerpt from Chapter One of A Soldier’s Italian Christmas.”

Thank you for coming with me on my journey back to 1943 to Italy, lost art treasures, and forbidden love.



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