My Sexy Saturday: A Naughty Christmas Carol Part 2

A Naughty Christmas CarolMY SEXY SATURDAY: Check out the sexy snippets from fabulous authors HERE!! 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs.

Last Saturday, I introduced you to my modern day Scrooge, Nick Radnor, who works on Wall Street and uses a smartphone instead of a quill pen.

In A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS CAROL, our modern day Scrooge also has a beautiful fiancée named Monique, who “…professed to have a deep love for him. A love that ignored his questionable business practices.

A flaw in his character, she said, she was determined to fix. No matter how long it took.”

You gotta admire a girl like that. Let’s hope Nick wakes up before it’s too late. In this sexy snippet, we’re in the “now” and the Ghost of Christmas Present has taken Nick to a NYC penthouse holiday party. Nick sees Monique and gets turned-on.

Only one problem: Nick hasn’t been able to get a hard-on since the Ghost of Christmas Past showed up. Seems he’s paying for his sins…

The Ghost of Christmas Present tells him he has to earn his erection by mending his ways. She gives him a chance in this scene. Btw, all the ghosts are sexy females. And Monique can’t see him…

She looked like his dream girl. Standing on the balcony. Looking out over the city. A woman he yearned to love and explore, completely his when they made love, even more beautiful than when they’d first met. A misty snow fell behind her, covering the sidewalks fifteen stories below. Light and pretty and cold. It drifted around Monique, but she didn’t notice. Warm heating lamps and a canopy overhead kept the balcony temperature perfect. She licked the chocolate with her tongue, savoring the taste. Was she remembering those sweet times with him?

Nick couldn’t resist cozying up to her and getting a whiff of her perfume. Spicy, like he remembered. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her bare back seducing him with the promise of sliding off her silky blue gown and revealing her breasts to him. She couldn’t be wearing a bra and the thought of it was pushing him to the edge.

Get closer to her, Nicky. Pull the pins from her hair. It’ll work. You’re here in the present. The Ghost. Giving him play by plays. Okay, he was game. What did he have to lose?

Nick reached out and to his surprise, he felt the cold touch of platinum as he pulled the jeweled pins from her hair and it tumbled down her back like rippling starlight. She drew in a sharp breath, surprised.

She thinks it’s the wind, Nicky. Why don’t you give her a playful slap on her ass?

As if he needed to be told. And by a ghost yet. He stroked Monique’s bottom with his hand, lovingly cupping her buttocks, then gave her a playful tap. Then another. That was fun.

“Oh!” Monique cried out, spinning around, her breasts heaving up and down, her eyes disbelieving. She looked behind her, then left then right. She couldn’t see him. Better yet, he noticed a slight bulge in his pants. Merry Christmas. You’re on your own now, Nicky boy.

And check out the Naughty Christmas Carol VINE snippet:

You can read a longer excerpt of A Naughty Christmas Carol HERE!

Three sexy female ghosts try to save the soul of a Wall Street trader on this naughty Christmas Eve.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas in July “A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS CAROLsexy snippets!

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