My Sexy Saturday: Breaking the Rules Part 3

It’s My Sexy Saturday!

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Hunter_Breaking_Rules_blurbIn my erotic short story, Breaking the Rules, Elaine is sipping a latte in a coffeehouse and filling out a job ap on her laptop when a mysterious, sexy hottie pulls out the cord by accident…or was it an accident?

Elaine soon finds out you have to break the rules to get what you want…at work or in bed.

Guilt settled in the pit of her stomach like cold pepperoni pizza. She wasn’t surprised at her abruptness. Truth was, she was looking for excuses to feel sorry for herself. Elaine had been on the receiving end of bad luck recently, beginning with not getting the promotion due her. Okay, so she didn’t ask for a promotion like the guy they hired after her. She thought her work should speak for itself.

It doesn’t work that way, honey, Sally, her co-worker, chided her. You gotta ask for what you want.

Her, ask? You must be kidding. That wasn’t Elaine. She never felt comfortable asking for anything. Whether it was a discount at the car wash on Ladies’ Day or double plastic bags at the Chinese take-out so the moo shu pork wouldn’t spill all over her car. And she rather die than ask for anything in bed. She’d lie there, hoping, praying her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t stop pumping her. She’d never dare ask him to keep going or play with her to get her off. So she rarely came during sex and she languished in the files department at work, while the new guy got a higher pay grade. And an office with a view.

Then her ex-boyfriend decided he liked the way a certain blonde looked bent over and her world fell apart. That wasn’t what was bugging her now. Like it or not, this jock gave her an itch up her backside. Stay away from him. He’s trouble. Elaine kept typing on her keyboard, but she had the uncomfortable feeling he wasn’t going anywhere.

What is it with him? He’s still looking at my chest. Lighten up, girl.

Provoked by his lingering gaze, she looked down and smiled. So that’s what had caught his attention. Her top two buttons were undone, revealing what cleavage she had. What was he thinking? How her breasts would feel cupped in his palms? Full. Inviting. Then kissing them. Her nipples hardened. His lips would be hot, very hot.

Thinking about him licking her breasts raised her sweat-o-meter to a new high. Perspiration dribbled down her cleavage like dancing raindrops on parade. Okay, admit it. You’re attracted to this guy in spite of yourself.

Will Elaine let herself go?

Find out in Breaking the Rules FREE on Amazon Kindle today, Saturday, July 6, 2013.

I love these Sexy Saturday blog hops — an op to discover new authors and their stories. I’ll be excerpting snippets from NAKED SUSHI in coming weeks, my October 2013 Cosmo Red-Hot Read from Harlequin. You’ll meet Pepper O’Malley, a working girl who writes code but wants to be a spy…


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