My Sexy Satuday: Breaking the Rules Part 2

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop!!

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My Sexy Saturday snippet is from my erotic short story: Breaking the Rules

Elaine is a frustrated working girl who finds herself stuck in a job with no chance for a promotion — until a mysterious man who calls himself “The Hunter” shows her that you have to ask for you want. At work or in bed.

(Read Part 1 of Breaking the Rules here)

In this snippet, Elaine meets The Hunter in a coffeehouse when he blows in off his Harley, looking for a place to stay for the night:

“Where can a guy get a soft bed around here?” he asked, his voice suddenly tired.

“Who do you think I am?” she said in voice huskier than she wanted. “Goldilocks?”

“If the fairy tale fits…” he said, his voice trailing off. He watched her with the most seductive blue eyes, his look piercing, as if he could melt off her clothes.

Don’t flash those bedroom eyes at me.

Elaine turned away, fidgeted with her coffee cup, pushed stray hair behind her ear, anything to look like she wasn’t interested. He didn’t give up. When she didn’t bite, he came back with: “I’ve been on the road all day and I could use some help testing out the beds.”

He’s trying to appeal to my nurturing side. Don’t fall for it.

“The closest motel is down the street,” Elaine said, avoiding his gaze. This time she kept her voice nonchalant. “I hear the beds are just right.” Score one for Goldie.

“Breaking the Rules” is available on Amazon for 99 cents


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  1. Great snippet, Jina. Love the playfulness of it.

  2. Thanks, Lyndi! Tune in to future My Sexy Saturdays to find out if Goldie gets eaten by the Big Bear…

  3. Nice excerpt, Jina! Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday and we hope to see you this Saturday!

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