Four Working Girls hit the mark in “The Bletchley Circle”

I was delighted to discover a wonderful new PBS mini-series, The Bletchley Circle, that spotlights women coders and gives us great characters to root for on so many levels. These four working girls used their skills during World War II to help Britain win the war; yet like so many women, afterward they find themselves pushed to the side.

Not so far off from reality. 

Women fought on a different battlefront back in the dark days of World War II in Great Britain. Women cracked code. And saved many lives. 

But after the war, they became “ordinary” again, to quote a character in the story. 

These ladies are anything but ordinary. 

This excellent mini-series about women who write code reminded me of the women, or rather the lack of females, in the world of high tech software. Like Pepper O’Malley in my October 2013 Cosmo Hot Read from Harlequin, Naked Sushi, about a heroine who writes code and becomes involved in corporate espionage. Pepper would have loved to be a part of this posse.

In Episode 2 this Sunday of The Bletchley Circle, the four heroines use their skills and their wits—not to mention their daring—to find a serial killer in 1952 London. 

Four working girls with the brains and smarts—and most of all, the perseverance—to get the job done. 

I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode…

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